Use artificial intelligence to write great emails

Use artificial intelligence to write great emails

We live in an era of artificial intelligence, a tool that is changing many aspects of our lives, including the way we interact with others and the world around us. Speaking of communication, AI can be used in many areas, such as automatic text generation and correction, chatbots, voice recognition and control, as well as … Read more

PEC box boom in 2023: more than 1.5 million new activations according to AGID

Persona che gestisce la fatturazione elettronica

PUSH certified mail today it represents one of the main channels for sending and receiving official and formal messages. It has the same legal value as by registered mail with delivery receipt and for this reason it is used by companies and professionals for business management. But for several years PEC has been used by … Read more

What’s changing with the European AI law

What's changing with the European AI law

  Due to the increasingly widespread deployment of artificial intelligence systems, the European Parliament has recently made the AI ​​law was finally approved, completing the legislative process to publish the first laws aimed at regulating their use and application, mitigating risks and creating a single market where international players can act in accordance with EU … Read more

Half of internet traffic is ‘fake’

traffico web

Which sector of the infinite digital market produces the most web traffic? Maybe social media? Or streaming? Or e-commerce? Or a Google search? No, Fiorentissima produces almost half of the Internet traffic shoe industry. Half operation practical, it is not created by humans that do something online, but programs that do something else in an … Read more

How to make better use of technology, digital minimalism

How to make better use of technology, digital minimalism

  If you are passionate about technology and are never without your smartphone or PC, you will also know how much all these fantastic tools can absorb our attention, our time and often distract us from the things that are important in our daily life. The digital world offers us endless possibilities, including communicating without … Read more

Amazon Fresh, the service is available to everyone

Amazon Fresh

Amazon officially announced it Amazon Fresh the same-day food delivery service is accessible to all users, including those not registered with First. Affected cities are Milan, Rome, Turnip AND Bologna: residents of an area where this delivery method is available, who can purchase a variety of products such as meat, fruit, vegetables, personal care and … Read more

How to challenge a fine through PEC: useful advice

Contestare multa via PEC

  PUSH certified mail it is an ideal tool for effectively challenge fines and administrative sanctions: makes it possible to communicate quickly and with maximum transparency with all public authorities, with the certainty that the message will reach its destination. The PEC has the same validity as a registered letter with delivery receipt. This tool … Read more