How to challenge a fine through PEC: useful advice


PUSH certified mail it is an ideal tool for effectively challenge fines and administrative sanctions: makes it possible to communicate quickly and with maximum transparency with all public authorities, with the certainty that the message will reach its destination. The PEC has the same validity as a registered letter with delivery receipt.

This tool proves to be very useful for managing bureaucracy, but any disputes with public administration. In fact, it can be done in seconds send an email to PEC and get confirmation of waiting for successful shipment and delivery to the recipient. All this without queuing at offices or leaving home: all you need is an internet connection and registration with a certified postal service. In a nutshell, PEC protects the rights of citizens and while not required, it is still highly recommended as it allows you to manage any public issue quickly and easily. Exist many services designed for the familystands out among them Free PEC family. Let’s see what it is and why it’s important to have one PEC to resist fines and sanctions.

How to prepare documentation to challenge a fine through PEC

Prepare carefully documentation that you attach to a verified email it is essential to increase the chances of success and to ensure that the relevant authorities take the complaint seriously. Among the many information to be included in the PEC email, we find your personal information and all others specific information related to the sanctionbut also and above all evidence to support the dispute.

For example, if you receive a fine for non-payment of tax, you can attach proof of payment to the email, such as a postal slip that clearly shows the date of payment.

How to write a clear and detailed dispute letter

When writing a PEC to a public bodycompany or other type of organization is key to use a formal language but very clear and direct. The text of the e-mail must state the reasons for the dispute and indicate the nature of the attached documents.

The e-mail opens with a greeting from the authority you are writing to, for example the Tax Office of your municipality. We continue with the reasons for the report and all the details. You must enter your details, i.e. not only your first and last name, but also your tax code and other information that may be useful in a dispute. For example, if you are disputing a speeding ticket, you must enter the model and number plate of your car. Every detail and clarification must be functional to achieve the goal. The date of the request for cancellation of the fine and the signature of the petitioner must also be attached to the verified e-mail.

How to submit a dispute through PEC and track the process

To submit a dispute through PEC, precise steps must be followed to avoid errors and eliminate the possibility of failure.

First of all, it is necessary to write correct PEC address. Addresses of public bodies can be found on the website of the body. Alternatively, you can consult with INAD, National Index of Digital Domiciles. This tool allows you to find the PEC addresses of citizens, companies and institutions operating in Italy.

PEC – just like normal email – must have a object that clearly summarizes the content of the message. Once you’ve completed and attached all the necessary documents, it’s time to do it send a verified email. The system sends an acknowledgment of receipt, which is important to keep as it is proof of shipment.

In this way, PEC allows you to send and receive messages with legal value and manage painstaking bureaucratic affairs with public and private authorities that would otherwise take a long time. This shows how important certified mail is today for citizens and not only for companies.

And private individuals must choose a tailor-made service tailored to their needs. In this respect, it is a rescue Free PEC family certified e-mail service designed specifically for citizens and families.

PEC Family is a Libero offer designed for private customers. It contains 1 GB of space and allows you to send and receive PEC emails in total security, quickly and easily. It costs just €14.99 including VAT per year. This tool makes it possible to successfully manage not only disputes, but all communication with public and private entities.



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