Why communicate with public administration via PEC

In recent years, we have witnessed the digitization of all socio-economic sectors. Public administration played a vital role and established itself as a pioneer of many processes and customs. Among them is also the use certified mail which today represents one of the best methods for communicate with PA.

PUSH PEC is the best way to communicate with public authorities because it is fast, secure and guarantees the correct transmission of the message. A PEC email actually has the same legal value as a registered letter with delivery receipt. This tool turns out to be really useful in many contexts, for example when we need to request confirmation from the municipality of residence; when we have to challenge an administrative sanction or send documents for case management. To truly take advantage of PEC, choosing the best certified mail service for your needs is essential. Let’s look at the details.

How to set up PEC for official communication

If you want to use PEC for official communication, it is important to configure it correctly. First, you need to choose a provider, i.e. a certified email service that best suits your needs. After registering and activating a PEC account, you must then report your tax domicile to the PA so that it can be used to send official communications. In this regard, it is possible to report your tax domicile, i.e. your PEC addressINAD (National Index of Digital Domiciles). It is very simple: you need to enter the official website of INAD and click on Activate your Domicile on the button located on the home page. Once registered, PA offices will have a PEC address and can use it to send any kind of official communication.

To find a certified public entity email address, you can enter the site www.indexpa.gov.it and enter the name of the institution.

Main cases of PEC use in public administration

The use of PEC is strongly recommended in many contexts. Even if you want communicate with INPS by email, you can use only PEC because the organization’s systems reject all communication via traditional email.

It stands out among the most common cases sending documents for bureaucratic procedures, such as complaints or requests for certificates of any kind to institutions in your area. For example, you can ask for a marriage certificate, marital status, birth certificate, and so on.

PEC can be used for to participate public notices and competitions, will drastically shorten the timing and bring the registration to a successful end. In fact, it is often not accepted because it comes after the deadline.

A PEC is also often required for communication with the tax authority, for example it can be used to send tax returns, communications regarding tax audits or clarifications regarding any taxes and duties. It can also be used to challenge fines and administrative sanctions.

In short, it is a tool that adapts to different contexts and needs.

Advantages of using PEC in communication with public administration

PUSH PEC has many advantages and allows you to manage them all successfully communication with public administration. It guarantees traceable communications, as all messages are stored in a certified mail archive and can be searched in just a few clicks if needed. They are not lost, on the contrary, they remain intact for years and can be renewed even after a long time. In addition, PEC guarantees a high level of security and accelerates dispatch and response times, allowing you to handle issues that can take years to handle in days, including phone calls, verbal discussions and paper documents lost over time.

In short, PEC is the best tool for communicate with PA. But to really make it so, it’s important to choose the best certified email service for your needs.

Among the various alternatives on the market, we also find Libero Mail PEC, an intuitive, secure and very easy-to-use tool that allows you to send and receive PECs in an unlimited way.

Free oven it is designed in two plans: PEC family with 1 GB of memory for only 14.99 plus VAT per year; PEC unlimited with unlimited space for €30 + VAT per year. PEC Family is ideal for private users, while PEC Unlimited is designed for businesses, freelancers and individuals.


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