PEC box boom in 2023: more than 1.5 million new activations according to AGID

PUSH certified mail today it represents one of the main channels for sending and receiving official and formal messages. It has the same legal value as by registered mail with delivery receipt and for this reason it is used by companies and professionals for business management.

But for several years PEC has been used by many people private citizens for the most varied reasons. For example, it is a useful tool for speeding up and simplifying communication with public administration. In short, we are facing a real record, which the numbers prove year after year. The statistics transmitted by AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) reveal the progressive growth of PEC in 2023. And this phenomenon is surely destined to develop in the future. Let’s see all the updated dates, benefits of PEC and what is the best certified mail service for private citizens.

PEC growth in 2023: AGID data

According to data fromAgID in December 2023 in Italy there are more than 261 thousand domains and approximately 16 million PEC accounts. Over 843 million messages were sent due to the phenomenon, which reached its peak this year.

These are impressive numbers when we consider that at the end of 2022 the number of PEC boxes was 14,663,677. There was an increase of approximately 1.5 million certified mailboxes in one year.

Today, the service is intended not only for professionals, but also for many private users who want to streamline the sending and receiving of formal communication with public administration, electricity suppliers, companies and contacts of various types.

PEC of the future: forecasts and goals

The data highlights one the continuous growth of certified mail in Italy, especially with regard to private users who have accessed this tool in recent years and use it for various types of communication. PEC is actually a reliable and legally recognized means for the transfer of important and sensitive documents, especially in a business and administrative context. In addition, entry into force eIDAS regulation (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) in 2018 strengthened the legislation and confirmed the central role of PEC in the secure and certified transfer of documents online. Added to this was birthNational Index of Digital Domiciles (INAD) which allows you to find any tax domicile on a specific online platform.

To guarantee the continuity and relevance of PEC in the digital communication environment and to facilitate its use even by people with no technical knowledge or little familiarity with IT services, tools should be introduced that are even easier to use, faster and above all safely. PUSH Security is critical when sending and receiving PEC.

Panorama is certainly destined to evolve, so those who are not already using it should register with the PEC service and start using it for formal communication.

Which PEC service to choose if you are a private person

Anyone who wants to use PEC for their private communication or other purposes, such as sending reports to public authoritieshe has to concentrate very well choosing the best service. It is very important to choose a service with high security standards and ease of use. A high level of security is necessary to protect personal and sensitive information from unauthorized access and manipulation during transmission.

On the other hand PEC offers huge benefits to private users: in addition to making sending and receiving messages much easier and faster, it allows you to track all emails so that you can later prove the delivery of important communications and documents attached via PEC.

Increase PEC mailbox registration by private users can be attributed precisely to these key advantages offered by PEC.

It stands out among the best services around, suitable for both professionals and private individuals Free Email PECwhich offers several floors based on the type of user and their needs.

PEC family it is the perfect plan for private users, it costs only 14.99 euros per year including VAT. It allows you to send and receive as many PECs as you want and has a 1GB space. PEC unlimited instead, it’s for individuals, professionals and businesses, offering unlimited space for just €30 per year + VAT.

PUSH Free oven It thus becomes an excellent service to choose according to your needs and thus improve the communication of both private individuals and professionals.


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