Cotto Possagno presents its photovoltaic tiles and tiles

“In recent years, the world of restoration has gone through a phase of rapid growth that is fueled

several factors; An impulse that strengthened companies in the industry and generated growth
activities and pave the way for new opportunities. Currently – the manager of the Salone del Restauro declares – the main thrust of this growth is the financing of the PNRR, which will form the backbone of public contracts in the restoration and reconstruction sector until 2026″.

In this scenario, the door is ready to open International exhibition of restoration, scheduled for Ferrara Expo from May 15 to 17, 2024. The three-day event in Ferrara, characterized by a high-level exhibition design, is an international point of reference in the field of cultural and environmental heritage, an important opportunity to raise the profile of a profession of the highest prestige, restoration, rooted in craftsmanship.

Cotto Industries Possagnowhich is fully part of this world, presents itself at the event by exhibiting and offering high-quality and high-content products
technological ones that completely integrate into the landscape in which they are inserted. We’re talking inside
detail E-COPPO and E-TILE: photovoltaic tiles and paving.

Cotto Possagno combines tile and tile quality with system efficiency
photovoltaic, preserving the aesthetic appearance of terracotta roofs, which have characterized the landscape of our country for centuries without change. These systems are of particular interest in case of particularly strict historical/monumental or landscape constraints. Not just a photovoltaic system, but a ventilated roof system with all the advantages of a “dry” construction.

The development of technology made it possible to create brick photovoltaic systems that
they integrate a red monocrystalline silicon panel into a tile or tile which is almost invisible to the eye after installation.

Furthermore, the company can provide support in the design and installation of the entire roof system, e.g
including electrical material to leading the practice of GSE work on the package
“turnkey”, which frees the client from managing the construction site.

The advantages are numerous: for example, the thermal drive characteristics typical of terracotta are not modified or altered, nor are the characteristics of the flow channels; the installation does not require tanks and/or mounting brackets, avoiding all problems related to infiltration and thermal bridges.

Installing a by-pass diode relieves the system of problems caused by mobile or unexpected shielding (trees, chimneys, antennas, leaves, etc.). In addition, the ventilation channel between the PV module and the panel makes the system less sensitive to high summer temperatures, and in case of a drop in performance due to a defective module of one of the photovoltaic panels, its replacement is not necessary. due to automatic unlocking. If you still want to proceed with the change, the use of specialized personnel is not necessary.

In addition, the system can be integrated into the existing roof and replace only the affected square meters, without the need to resort to additional expensive work on the perimeter waterproofing. In order to best optimize its know-how, this year Industrie Cotto Possagno also joined Assorestauro, the Italian association for architectural, artistic and urban restoration, to share experiences, collaborate on major national projects and compete in international markets. Industrie Cotto Possagno Hall 3 – Stand C9


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