Amazon is giving away 50 euros: how to get them

There are still a few days left to join the latest competition he started Amazon the one on occasion Game week. Gaming Week is a week of sales that ends on May 5thon thousands of gaming products: from memory and processors to headphones and smart TVs and monitors.

Amazon is a good opportunity 20 gift vouchers worth 50 euros each to as many Italian users. He does it with the most classic prize competitions and also in the simplest way: by drawing 20 lucky people from all those who join the competition.

How to enter the Amazon contest

Amazon has created a special contest registration page and try to win a gift voucher worth 50 euros. It is very important to be careful because on such occasions, fraudsters very often immediately rush to create fake pages to deceive users.

PUSH secure site only the one you click on is true and legitimate this button:

Once you get to the contest page, you have to fulfill two requirements: the first is the requirement be an Amazon user and log in with your credentials (also because otherwise you could not receive the voucher), the second is to accept the terms of the promotion by clicking on “Accept and continue“.

It is therefore very easy to participate and for this reason we advise you to be careful when using it official site only: the promotion is a real gift, it seems almost fake.

But it’s not at all, everything is true: within 14 days from the end of the competition 20 winners will be drawn (plus one”spare“, in the event that the winner forfeits the prize). Each winner will be notified by email twice and will have 2 days to claim the prize.

Also in this case Attention: Unfortunately, there will be fake phishing emails from scammers.

Winners who accept a prize will not need to do anything else: 50 euro voucher will be instantly spent on Amazon through their account.

How to use Amazon vouchers

Use a Amazon gift card it’s very simple: just put the products you want to buy in the basket and if these products are compatible with the use of vouchers, during the payment phase Amazon itself will apply the voucher and show the total price with a discount equal to the value of the voucher.

Possible use only part of the voucheror even use the voucher for payment only part of the basket. In fact, if we use a €50 voucher to buy a €40 product, we still have an extra €10 voucher left over to spend on our next purchase. However, if we use a €50 Amazon voucher to buy a €60 product, we will actually only have to pay €10 out of pocket.

Finally, let’s remind you that Amazon gift cards they are valid for 10 years from the date of issue, so it practically never expires.

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