How to make better use of technology, digital minimalism


If you are passionate about technology and are never without your smartphone or PC, you will also know how much all these fantastic tools can absorb our attention, our time and often distract us from the things that are important in our daily life.

The digital world offers us endless possibilities, including communicating without the limitations of space and time around the world or finding any information that comes to mind in seconds. But all these benefits come at a price for our mind, which often finds itself having to manage too much data, too many things to do and above all too many stimuli at once. It can be really tiring for some to keep up with everything, so it’s important to start with a few simple steps to use what can be defined as Digital minimalism.

This term refers to the actual process looking for the essentials in the digital world (tools, apps, channels, social networks, websites, etc.) that integrates with the concept of digital well-being, which aims to help people use technology in a conscious and positive way and avoid hyper-connection.

The benefits of this lifestyle include one greater ability to concentrate about the activities we want to do and what we think is really important, more capacity and content search speed and information that interests us (the entire digital environment is ordered and tailored to us), together with stress reduction generated by the constant “invasion” of notifications, information and content into our minds that neither serves nor disturbs us.

A concept that does not want to take away our value or make us give up technology, but aims to embrace a a more conscious approach reducing the impact of devices and apps on time, relationships and self-esteem with our favorite tools while avoiding stress, anxiety and distraction.

Practice a digital detox

Practice digital detox it means taking time each day to completely disconnect from technology and the digital world, such as taking a walk without your phone, reading a paper book, practicing a little meditation, or simply trying to never look at your phone when we do. in our favorite series.

PUSH morningIn particular, is a very important moment and should not start with looking at the phone and all the notifications that arrived from the night before. Let’s at least try to give ourselves a moment of peace to wake up and slowly focus on the day before we enter the online chaos.

Organize your digital spaces and create real spaces without technology

It’s easier than it might seem. The first point is about computers and smartphones: let’s try to reduce clutter in our facilitiesremoving unnecessary files, applications and e-mails and organizing documents and photos into clear and easily accessible folders.

In the physical world, we strive for it instead make some areas of the house “tech-free zones”that is, places where we can completely disconnect and focus on other activities such as reading, relaxing, gardening, and anything else that helps take your mind off your mind.

Remember that you are in control of what you see on social media

This rule of digital minimalism is crucial: we must give it the right value the time we spend on social networkswho first decided to hang out only with those we really like and who respond to our way of seeing the world.

For example, if the value we care about is the value of professional development, we try to focus on Linkedin and less on other platforms. Furthermore, since we are influenced in one way or another by what we see and read online, it is important to choose who to follow carefully, just as you would choose your friends in real life. For this reason, it’s a good idea to start following only the people and realities that are out there entertain, inspire, enrich or motivate.

So too reporter invasive advertisements or content that we are ultimately unable to read due to lack of time and will contribute to occupying our “mental space”. For this reason, it is a good idea to opt out and keep only what adds value to our way of life and our information or entertainment.

Reduce distractions and optimize notifications

The main sources of daily distraction that come from devices and the digital world certainly are notificationthat constantly attract our attention with sounds and display lighting and interrupt the flow of the activities we do and our thoughts.

If you want to live by digital minimalism, you should remove unnecessary notifications on your phone and computer by changing the settings of each app as needed and keeping only the most essential ones.

Start gradually and try to apply digital minimalism to different areas of your life, such as home, work and relationships. By focusing on the essentials, you will be able to enjoy and focus your attention on the digital activities that truly bring you value. Ask yourself what’s really important in your life and how technology can help you achieve your goals, and you’ll gradually be able to live your digital life with more peace, productivity and well-being.


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