“Wild eyes, children’s eyes”: presentation of the volume about Ayrton Senna at Manfrediana

Starting from the tomb, in the garden city of Morumbi in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and from the tragic accident that occurred 30 years ago at the Imola circuit, the volume traces the history of the Brazilian champion. The chosen subtitle “Wild eyes, childish eyes” refers to the dualism that, according to the author, embodied the unforgettable Formula 1 champion: “Senna has fierce eyes, Ayrton has childish eyes, as hungry on the track as he is sensitive off it.” the fringes of motorsport that immortalized Senna’s legacy.”

The basic theme of the volume is Senna’s life, from his decision to leave Brazil and seek his fortune in the motoring world in Europe to Italy, the beginning and the tragic epilogue of his real career. In the midst of dreams: speed, the search for pure competitiveness and the painful awareness of having to come to terms with politics and money in an overwhelming environment like that of Formula 1. A story, the story of Ayrton Senna, which transcends time, space and the sensibilities of a man who never was and never will be just a great pilot. The last chapter of the book closes the journey into the memory of Ayrton Senna with a first-person report by the author, who flew to Brazil during the week of the Interlagos 2023 Formula 1 Grand Prix to watch the “circus” in the paddock, gathered testimonies and impressions of the deep bond that binds him 30 years after the accident in Imola Brazilians to remember Senna. A journey that took her to Morumbi Cemetery, to the Senna Foundation and Institute, a journey that comes full circle to answer the book’s question: who is Ayrton Senna still today?

After an institutional greeting from the city administration, the author Giulia Toninelli will speak with Veronica Babini.

Giulia Toninelli, born in Brescia in 1997, is a sports journalist specializing in motorsport and Formula 1 (Moto.it, Automoto.it and MOW, for which she is editor-in-chief). From 2020, he is the voice and pen of “Muretto”, the most important podcast dedicated to the great stories of Formula 1. From 2023, he is accredited by the FIA ​​for international F1 races.

Veronika Babiniová, from Faenza, has always been close to the motoring world thanks to a family passion born in the heart of Motorvalley. It deals with communication for motorsport and various motoring events.


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