Elections in Brisighella: inauguration of the headquarters of the candidate list

Saturday, April 27 at 11 o’clock in the morning Brisighella the new headquarters was inaugurated in via Porta Fiorentina on 24 Electoral Commission ofL mayoral candidate Loris Naldoni az Civil List of SiAmo Brisighella.

It was a new opportunity for the civic association to meet in large numbers with the citizens present and gather the latest ideas and initiatives to conclude the election program.

Naldoni repeated the programmatic lines of the list he had already announced during his official candidacy: dialogue and listening to citizens, businesses and all associations for a common project.

In a press release issued by SiAmo Brisighella, we read: “A more innovative and younger Brisighella that takes care of its families and knows how to attract others from the surrounding areas. An administration that supports the world of school, sports and associations and that tries to fight depopulation and birth rate in every way, including fiscal policy. Agriculture and tourism are a necessary combination for the development of Brisighella, both of which must lead to an increase in the well-being of the citizens.
Strategic public works necessary for the future of Brisighella, such as the completion of the work on the former Osservanza monastery, which will serve as a meeting place for young people, the renovation of the Pedrini Theater as a center of urban culture and the promotion of the development as much as possible ultra-fast fiber. Special attention to the needs of the villages, especially in terms of mobility, without forgetting the need more than ever to link shared policies with the municipalities of the Faenza Romagna Union, but also with the mountain municipalities of Marradi and Modigliana, especially to the Brisighella ferries along the difficult but inevitable journey ecological transition, as last year’s flood taught us!’

The office will remain open Wednesday and Saturday mornings and Sunday morning and afternoon so citizens can meet and discuss the mayoral candidate and the 12 city council candidates.

Naldoni gave all citizens a meeting on Thursday, May 9 at Sala Cicognani in the evening for the official presentation of the program and candidates for the city council.


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