Pedal cars return to Cotignola for the European Grand Prix

Colorful, imaginative and very fast, these little cars drive entirely by the power of their muscles, without any electronic aids. At the same time, the fun and competitive event aims to encourage relationships between young people of different nationalities; crews from various Italian regions, such as Lombardy, Veneto and Abruzzo, and from other nations such as France, the Czech Republic and Slovenia participate. This year, the high school “Luigi Varoli” from Cotignola will be present at the start with three teams and for the first time the team of the Association Demetra-Donne in Aid will compete.

The meeting is scheduled for 15:00 in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II: here the crews will perform a presentation choreography; the parade will then arrive at the protected circuit of the Pertini park. The race is scheduled to start at 17:15 and the winner will be the one who completes the most laps in 80 minutes.

An awards ceremony will follow: the ranking will be determined 50% by speed, calculated by the number of laps completed, and the remaining 50% by aesthetics, i.e. the idea that inspired the shape of the car, how the bodywork was modeled and painted, from the costumes riders and animation studied and performed by the team before the race. There will be music and entertainment throughout the afternoon.

The event is organized by the municipality of Cotignola with the support of the Cotignola cycling club, runners from Cotignola and other associations, the comprehensive institute “Don Stefano Casadio” and many sponsors.


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