Water polo, Serie C: Ravenna finally wins against Fermo Nuoto and Water Polo

After the inevitable defeat against the Ravenna team, it rises again in the table Rare Nantes Bologna. He was on stage in Gambia Fermo swimming and water polo the team that is the protagonist of the championship, which is definitely above expectations, as the team from the Marche region sails towards the top of the table.

The Giallorossi, who experienced a very difficult season in the first part of the championship, have now been at full strength for some time and are starting to reap the results of the work of Mr. Cukic, who is already thinking about how to plan for next season.

The meeting is very tense and balanced. In the first period of the game, the Giallorossi scored with Luca Cimatti and Mattia Valentini, both good at defying opposition defenders and scoring from close range.

Unfortunately, however, two defensive lapses allowed the visitors to stay in the game and the first quarter ended at two-two.

The balance is maintained in the second period, in which Mr. Cukica’s team scores twice with captain Baroncelli outnumbered, but even in this second period, Ravenna’s defense is not flawless and gives so many goals to the visitors.

Mister Cukic: “Unfortunately, we were not able to train well this week and I was a bit worried before this match, which I thought was essential. From the beginning, we had a hard time finding the right intensity in defense and Luca Sorcionovo’s boys punished us. Fermo is a well trained and coached team and we had to use all our resources to get the result.”

The visitors took the lead in the third period and even doubled their lead at 7-5 and 8-6 when they scored a series of long-range shots that punished the Giallorossi’s lack of aggressive defense.

“Saša” BAndini’s spurt and Baroncelli’s third goal in numerical superiority keep the Ravenna team afloat and we go to the last change of the game with a score of 8-7 in favor of the guests.

In the last third of the game, the Giallorossi tightened up their defense and thanks to a slight physical decline of the opponents, they were able to bring the game back to balance at nine to nine with two goals from Luca Ciccone, who was doing well. score with a shot from a distance against the opponent’s territory and a “lift and shot” from 6m.

The Giallorossi also missed a penalty, again with Luca Ciccone, but they stayed focused and at nine-on-nine in the visitors’ last attacking drive, Jacopo Agatensi was very good at winning the ball and getting a clearance, allowing the Ravenna team to play the final attack in numbers.

After a timeout called by Mr. Cukic, the action unfolds somewhat in confusion, but in the end, captain Baroncelli, the real hero of the day, scores the winning goal with a shot under the crossbar with one second remaining.

Again, Mr. Cukic: “The match was crucial for getting three points in the table, but also and above all for us to realize our possibilities and our strength. We faced a solid team and we always focused on the game until the end, despite the mistakes we made, especially in the defensive phase. Congratulations guys. Now let’s get back to work and play against William Salomone’s Persicetana, a coach who knows our team well, has coached it for many years and who was also the protagonist of a great championship.”

On Saturday, May 4, the Giallorossi take on US Persicetana from ex-Salomoni at the Carmen Longo in Bologna, kick-off at 7:15 p.m.

The very young under 12s under Marty Nardello also took to the water and faced the same age group from Faenza and won by a score of 15-7.


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