SaphirMatt: the new Aeg hob combines elegance and innovation

The Fuoris alone 2024 edition was for AEG the opportunity to discover an unprecedented range of induction hobs with the new and futuristic Saphir Matt. It is an elegant frosted ceramic glass, an ode to timeless design that will add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen and will not be destroyed by daily use: in fact, it resists scratches four times more than standard glass ceramics. Easy to maintain, the surface makes it easier to remove stains and fingerprints and cleans twice as fast.

The top model of the series, Series 8000 Saphir Matt with an integrated hood perfectly embodies the essence of uncompromising style and unrivaled performance: starting with the design that won the iF Design Award 24.

This plan is designed to reduce consumption and maximize energy efficiency: technology Flexi Power Management allows, for example, to regulate the absorption of energy, while the function Stop &  Go it keeps the cooking areas warm and prevents the dishes from getting cold without having to keep the hob active.

The Automatic switch-off function, on the other hand, prevents small children from turning on the appliance. However, activation is simple: in fact, for each of the four cooking zones and for the hood, a gentle touch of the SliderTouch electronic controls is all that is needed, which can be nimbly and flexibly controlled thanks to the double bridge function.

This allows you to connect two adjacent areas so that you can use large pots or a maxi grill plate. The integrated hood with filter activates automatically, monitors the intensity of use of the hob, so that the air is always fresh and clean, without having to manually switch it on or regulate its operation.

The assortment also includes models Series 8000 Sense Boil & Fry 60 and 80 cm, featuring advanced sensors that automatically regulate the temperature, thus preventing excessive boiling of water and ensuring that the oil is always at the optimal temperature for frying. Finally, the 6000 series model equipped with the Double Bridge function allows you to create very large surfaces where you can cook food at the same time: at the touch of a button, you can actually connect two zones to create one large cooking area. flat.


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