Third place for Italians in Sitting Volley for PianoterRA Pietro Pezzi Ravenna

After winning in 2022 and placing fourth in 2023 at the national finals 2024 Italian Promotion Championship in the Sitting Volleyball Rotary Cup played in Cesena on April 20 and 21, the team of Pianoterra Pietro Pezzi Ravenna takes third place and confirms itself among the best Italian teams in sitting volleyball played in a mixed formation (minimum two women on the court).

An event that had record numbers: 23 clubs from all over Italy, 6 pitches, over 450 participants.

Undefeated in the qualifying groups, the team from Ravenna will reach the golden final, winning the match against Pordenone in a tie-break (25-14/23-25/15-12) on the first day of the competition, showing compactness and determination, allowing the opponents only the second set . PianoterRa advance to the draw and then find themselves up against reigning champions from the highly rated Nola Città dei Gigli. After a forgettable first set (25-10 for Nola), the Ravenna team regains its balance and takes the court in the second set knowing that it can produce a game worthy of a semi-final of this caliber. And it was here that PianoterRA was able to surprise and excite the present audience with a display of determination, enthusiasm and great team spirit. However, the support of those present was not enough, at a score of 24:21, too much naivety and uncertainty of the referees decided the victory of Nola 26:24.

On Sunday, the day of the final, PianoterRA is determined to conquer the podium in the clash with Lazio Sitting Volley, from which it leaves no escape and closes the match 2-0 (25-9/25-17). The Ravenna team thus achieved a well-deserved third place and left the tournament with a single defeat against Nola Città dei Gigli, who confirmed the Italian title for this year in the final against Fermana Volleyball School after winning last season.


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