Aphrodite’s party scheduled for Filodrammatici

On the first weekend of May (3rd-5th) the Teatro dei Filodrammatici LA Mazzoni in Faenza will host the final performance of the theater workshop “Do you like acting?”. held by Daniele Porisini and started in mid-November 2023.

The essay “The Feast of Aphrodite” is loosely adapted from the works of one of the most famous dramatists of ancient Greece: Aristophanes (450-385 BC), operating (more than 40 composed texts, of which only 11 survive) during one of the most problematic periods in the history of Athens , engaged for 27 years in the Peloponnesian War against Sparta (431-404 BC) and struck by a terrible plague.
Aristophanes, who does not want to come to terms with the reality of his time and tries to erase it through ridicule, won the public’s favor then and now thanks to the originality of his ideas and the direct communication of his language.

Drawing inspiration, with various influences, from the comedy Lysistrata, “The Feast of Aphrodite” talks about women, war and peace. At first glance, it may appear to be a “feminist” comedy, but in fact it is a woman’s text written by a man, which conveys very deep and true thoughts to the audience of yesterday and today with extremely comical moments. Two jokes in particular: “For money and because of money everything is ruined! Isn’t it true that our politicians are eager for public authorities to claw at the nest egg, and when the nest egg is depleted, they start a war? “Who bears the burden of war more than we women, for soldiers are the children we have borne!”

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