Seasonal training for minor high school students as well. The region receives the green light from the Ministry and the Labor Inspectorate

The seasonal apprenticeship contract it can also be fully used by minors in fields other than the field of the attended educational track. After discussion with the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, the region obtained a positive opinion that allows young people aged 15 to 25 to be employed on a first-level apprenticeship contract.

The recognition is very important both for the families and young people involved, as well as for companies in the tourism and hotel industry, who have been raising the issue of summer jobs for girls and boys for a long time. In fact, a restrictive interpretation of the law would prevent young people graduating from secondary education from gaining their first experience of accessing the labor market with an apprenticeship, as it is not in line with their course. studies.

The request for clarification of the interpretation of the legislation was forwarded by the Ministry, to which the region turned, to the National Labor Inspectorate.which specified that a seasonal learning contract on the basis of the protocol (listed in Article 43, Paragraph 6 of Legislative Decree No. 81/2015 “determining the content and duration of the employer’s training obligations”) signed by the educational institution in which the student is enrolled can to be established in sectors other than the fields of educational track attended by young students.

Students must be given the opportunity to acquire organizational, transversal, human and relational skills which can represent an asset not only in relation to the training objectives, but more generally as rich experiences for professional development.

After this clarification, it will be possible to make full use of the seasonal apprenticeship contract and it can be stated that the concerns of families, young people and businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector have been overcome.


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