Safety at work, expert advice for 2024


Workplace safety must never be underestimated and now more than ever it seems necessary to focus on this aspect. the second “Employee Safety Status Report”, 97% of workers worldwide consider safety a priority. This need arises as a result of a series of accidents and tragic events that, according to the International Labor Organization, lead to almost 3 million deaths at work each year due to injuries or related diseases (+ 5% compared to 2015). In the same vein, Euronews recently published another study, according to which France holds the negative record for the highest number of workplace deaths on the old continent, around 2 every day. Even in our country, as shown by the Inail data, the trend remains worrying: in the first two months of the current year alone, 119 fatal accidents (+19 compared to 2023). In light of these numbers, reversing the trend through targeted initiatives capable of promoting a strong and distinctive ‘safety culture’ to ensure the safety and health of individual professionals is necessary and can drive real change.

So here are 5 tips from experts to promote safety in the workplace during the current year:

  • promote a culture of safety in companies, organize events or ad hoc initiatives that may involve the entire operational team;
  • to scan at variable intervals the different areas that make up the fabric of society, using virtual reality as an innovative “danger detector”;
  • adopt the latest generation of robots that evaluate the effectiveness and dangerousness of individual tools and machines as “risk testers”;
  • apply sensors equipped with artificial intelligence in every department and area of ​​your industry to quickly report any unexpected events and accidents;
  • to guarantee each worker the necessary equipment, which also includes so-called “wearable devices”, necessary for monitoring movements and, consequently, the risks associated with them.


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