Demolition of the Hamon Towers: Italia Nostra files a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office

Italy Our section Ravenna filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office on the morning of Friday, April 28, about the demolition of the Hamon Towers, which took place they declare “without due in-depth analysis and due assessment by all the institutions and bodies that could instead have expressed themselves in a different direction and in this way tried to avoid significant damage to the heritage of Italian industrial culture”.

“The black side of democracy and participation, written without a single shot by the mayor of Ravenna, the port authority, the supervisory authority and ENI, whose activities in our territory can continue in complete harmony and without even an attempt to negotiate – Italia Nostra comments -. The demolition of the Hamon Towers in less than a month canceled not only two masterpieces of 20th century building construction completely cast in place, but also the General Land Use Plan signed by the council and the mayor himself, or clear indications of protection in it. contained It does not matter that the PUG, stuck in the drawers since 2021, has not yet been adopted: the political indication was clear and clear, and there was absolute silence about it.”

“Giant significant sculptures of the witness landscape – Italia Nostra continues – which could have represented a significant added value, both in terms of cultural and tourist attractiveness and economic appreciation of the areas: canceled without scruples, completely ignoring, apart from the PUG, both the past opinions of the superintendence and what is instead achieved in cities of European scale to rebuild abandoned industrial and port areas. Not a single word in their defense or for a reconsideration by the institutions that fostered the atmosphere of hatred – Maestro Antonioni’s granddaughter who generously came to Ravenna for their protection was also criticized on social media – and a request for the immediate cancellation of the artefacts that served only to cool the water “.

“But in the background— Italia Nostra closes -, the chimneys of the industrial port continue and will continue to disperse their fumes into the environment, while the former SAROM land, which has not yet been fully reclaimed, will be acquired from public money for almost 8 million euros”.

Some citizens and Gianfranco Santini representing the Potere al Popolo Ravenna political group also spoke in support of the complaint.


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