Cisl Romagna on the income of citizens: Romagna worse than Emilia


The data recently published by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) regarding the income of Italian municipalities for the year 2022 offer an interesting insight into how the economic conditions of the citizens of Romagna are developing. The numbers confirm some significant trends, but also raise some fundamental questions about the future of Romagna’s economic well-being. According to the data, the average income of Romagna during 2022 saw an increase of 5.86%. A seemingly positive signal, but it must be read in the light of other factors. In fact, average inflation was 8.1% in 2022, a rate that partially eroded the benefits of rising incomes.

In Emilia-Romagna, at the provincial level, Bologna has the highest average income with 25,729 euros, followed Barbel with an average income of 25,366 euros, Modena 24,543 euros, Reggio Emilia 24,356 euros, Piacenza 23,654 euros, Ravenna 22,117 euros, Forlì-Cesena 21,566 euros, Ferrara 21,435 euros in the end Rimini has the lowest average income of 19,610 euros.
Some key points emerge when examining the Romagna provinces separately.

The province of Ravenna stands out as the province with the highest average income, reaching a value of 22,117 euros. It is followed by the province of Forlì-Cesena with 21,566 euros and finally Rimini with 19,610 euros. However, all three provinces record an average income lower than the regional average of Emilia-Romagna, which stood at €23,713 in 2022.

Looking at the municipalities, Cesena with €22,977 is confirmed as the municipality with the highest average income in the province of Forlì-Cesena, followed by Forlì itself with €22,799, Modigliana €22,697, Bertinoro €21,671 and Forlimpopoli €21,565. In the province of Ravenna, Lugo stands out with the highest average income at €23,269, followed by Bagnara di Romagna at €23,193, Ravenna at €22,627, Faenza at €22,421 and Sant’Agata Sul Santerno at €22,421. While in the province of Rimini, it is the municipality of Montegridolfo that has the highest income of €21,019 in the province, which is however significantly lower than the other large cities of Romagna, followed by Rimini €20,259, Santarcangelo di Romagna €20,197, San Giovanni in Marignano € 20,003, all remaining are under €20,000.

“Despite the rise in average income, a troubling underlying reality is emerging: inflation has eroded some of those gains— declares CISL Romagna General Secretary Francesco Marinelli -. The purchasing power of the citizens of Romagna was threatened by the increase in the cost of living, which put pressure on the spending capacity of families.”
“The overall picture suggests that the economic and social policies to be adopted need to be carefully considered. Raising incomes is important, but it must be accompanied by measures that effectively protect citizens’ purchasing power. Targeted investment, family support and anti-inflation policies could be some of the ways to go.”

“For us, strengthening the tax burden on employees is essential to guarantee stability. It is necessary to reduce the tax burden for the middle class as well, reduce taxes on pensions and intensify the fight against tax evasion and tax avoidance, which continue to represent a significant burden with almost 90 billion in lost revenue for the state.” .
“Rather than discussing preventive agreements,” Marinelli underlined“We need to focus our energies on concrete measures to restore tax evasion and avoidance and return essential resources both to investment and to reducing the tax burden on workers and pensioners, those who pay every last cent in tax every year”.
“Furthermore, it is urgent to resume negotiations with the government on the reform of the pension system and the social security system, which will guarantee fairness, sustainability, flexibility and inclusiveness. We outlined some of the priorities, including the establishment of a basic contributory pension for young people and women, incentives to join supplementary social security and strengthening the social monkey. It is also necessary to define flexibility measures when leaving the labor market. Reforms are needed to support development, increase public and private investment, improve productivity and encourage worker participation in the management and profitability of companies. Finally, a new social pact focused on quality and job stability is urgently needed. This pact should include increased wages and pensions through significant tax cuts, as well as the immediate renewal of all contracts. At the end – concludes CISL Secretary -, data on the incomes of Romagna residents in 2022 offer food for thought on how to improve the economic well-being of Romagna. It is time to act with determination and ensure a safer and more prosperous future for all citizens of Romagna.”


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