the Sardinian third sector talks about itself and creates a network


Project “Ondradio – Social landing on the island“, curator of the cultural association”Radio club” in cooperation with the association Taira Etscultural association”Passion for cinema“, Metecalab AND Creative serviceofficially launched the second season with the airing of the first episode of a planned ten, dedicated La Collina community of Serdiana (Cagliari), which deals with young people from the criminal area or in disadvantaged conditions.

The initiative, spread over the three-year period 2023-2025, was awarded a tender from Founding of Sardinia and aims to spread the volunteer activities of a number of entities operating in Sardinia. The editorial team (which this year also used the cooperation of the pedagogue Monika Caula) edited a series of interviews to be broadcast free of charge by a group of island radio and television broadcasters who believed in the project. Compared to last year, this year the creators of Onderradio gave priority to expanding the audience of interventions and prioritized topics (even complex ones) over individual realities that are to be presented to the general public. Who, according to a recent survey by Acli Sardegna, often does not know the enormous work that the third sector does and the potential it can still develop. And this despite the fact that the impacts in the social sphere are visible for all to see.

Working with evocative images shot by video creators Marco Gallus AND Gianni Menicucci, was presented two weeks ago in Cagliari. Numerous aspects of sobriety emerged on this occasion: not only the urgent and widespread need in the world of volunteering involve new generationsbut also needed ongoing training and specialization. Times of improvisation, if they ever existed, are no longer acceptable. And this does not only apply to highly specialized subjects such as Alpine and speleological rescue in Sardinia, often called upon to intervene in extreme conditions to save one or more human lives. This discussion now applies to everyone, regardless of the size of the social support association or voluntary organisation.

Snapshot from Ondradia’s presentation, 2024 edition

Then there were difficulties that many entities complained about in managing the transition brought about by the reform of the third sector and the resulting necessary registration in the unified national register of the third sector – Runts. At the same time, it was an opportunity to remember the key role of the Voluntary Services Center – Csv Sardegna, which provides assistance to all organizations (both registered with Runts and those about to register, of which there are many). they are still not fully aware.

Another interesting element that emerged from the discussion that opened on the sidelines of the “Onderadia” presentation is the need to know how to communicate what the third sector is admirably capable of, along with the role of social media in reaching younger generations. Again: now is the time to reverse the perspective and remove the stigmas that society sometimes suggests, for example when we talk about people with disabilities or social inclusion targeting young people from the prison area or families with economic problems or problems with poverty in education. Above all, the representatives of Fr Porto Torres GPS AND Sea Scout Oristano. So the announcement is interesting Diabetes Zero Dept AND Italian Celiac Association of Sardinia who, based on this initiative, started a close collaboration in organizing partnership projects: these two pathologies, very widespread in Sardinia, in fact share a clear genetic matrix. The desire for networking was so contagious that almost all the subjects described in the second edition of “Onderadio” expressed their interest in dialogue and the extension of territorial cooperation: let’s talk about Sardinian Diabetes Network Ets; association”Warfree” by Iglesias; Elena Joy from Cagliari; Italian League Against Tumors – Lilt; Center for Combating ViolencePink wave” of Nuoro; Alzheimer’s Association – Amas Sardinia; “Carefree orchestra” of Berchidda; Elmas Women’s Council; Association of Volunteers”Happy thought” from Alghero.


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