Michela Giraud: the film Flaminia and her career

The social public knew Michel Giraud over LOL – Whoever laughs is out, in 2021. By that time, however, the Roman already had years of experience on television and on stages throughout Italy as a comedian and presenter. In 2015, he joined the cast Coloradoin the following years, television broadcasting incl Girls TV, Latecomers AND Comedy Central News. Between radio and stand up comedy. Now, after bringing the world of acting closer to the big screen as well, debut as a director with a very personal story. This is nothing new for her, who has made her character a mirror of who she is and who has never had trouble expressing herself. intimate feelingsalso on her relationship to the body, to the outside and to the fact that she is a woman who does not respect traditional standards.

Michela Giraud: Flaminia and her directorial debut

Flaminia arrives in theaters on April 11. It’s a two-fold challenge: there’s the technical one – after all, it’s his debut as a director and screenwriter – and also the personal. The film actually tells the story of two half-sisters, Flaminia and Ludovici, who couldn’t be more different. The first is a typical well-to-do girl from northern Rome who is about to marry Albert, the son of a prominent diplomat. Ludovica, on the other hand, is a 30-year-old on the autistic spectrum, a hurricane that shakes her half-sister’s life with the force of a thousand earthquakes and changes its course forever. Michel Giraud nurse on the autism spectrum he really has it. Her name is Cristina, she is 38 years old and she inspired this story, which according to the director: “More than true, it is authentic”.

An authentic story, just like her

ON Tales, on Sky Tg24, Giraud expressed his hopes for the film: “I would like people to find themselves in all the emotions of love, discomfort, loneliness and all the carnality that exists in the relationship between Flaminia and Ludovica”. A story that is not afraid to arouse emotions, even negative ones, almost public service, by his own admission. ON Vanity FairIn fact, he stated, “I knew I had to make the film for myself and for people who live in a family situation like mine. It’s necessary to put popularity at the service of meaningful messages.” Taking into account all the objections, questions and speculations of the case. Just like he did in his comedy career, he talked about himself and put himself into the game its interiority, but this time in a deeper way. Because now in the public arena it also exists his familywhich they try their best to protect not only with their conversations, but also with their own the fight against labelsin general.

Michela Giraud and body positivity: a complex issue

The comedian, actress and director does not forget her roots. Her comedy that moves between serious and fictional, her struggle as a woman in the environment with a male majority, that stand-up comedy. Among his favorite topics are the body, femininity, body positivity, of which he does not like the more superficial aspects, to flatten. “It’s not that I’m mad at body positivity, because it’s also right for people to find themselves in a movement,” explains Sky Tg24 again. “We talk about sensitive topics and we also have to tell ourselves the truth, that is, there is no always a good feeling, just as there is no one who is always happy.” And in this complexity of feelingswhich is sacred and must be preserved, sits Michela Giraud and her family, now also in the cinema.

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