Incel: That means who am I? Their terminology

Have you ever heard of terms such as maxxing, trad wife, etc nice guy syndrome? You may have heard them on TikTok recently, related to tips and tricks on how to do it improve your appearance, will make you more attractive to men and even make you a better wife. Seems harmless, right? Not even that much. Did you know that these terms actually come from online incel groups?

Meaning of incel

Incel groups are popular and curated online forums men. According to Oxford Languages, an incel is “a member of an online community of young men who consider themselves incapable of being sexually attracted to women. They usually hold hostile views of sexually active men and women.” The problem is that in recent months their views, specifically on the subjugation of women, have gained widespread attention from other men who may not be traditionally defined as incels, but who they still accept the cause. Basically most men who they follow the incel mentality they believe that men should be the dominant force in the world. Incels are largely misogynistic and see women as objects, accusing them of preferring conventionally attractive or wealthy mates, and thus of superficiality and careerism. Funny because we checked last time and in the words of James Brown, this the world is in the hands of men.

She looks maxxxing and meowing

Let’s start from the basics and dive deeper into incel concepts. Looksmaxxing refers to “any attempt to improve one’s appearance and reach one’s maximum aesthetic potential. This includes going to the gym, cutting hair, improving one’s style, or taking steroids.” Looksmaxxing has become popular on TikTok and its content gives men tips on how to become plus size traditionally desirable for women, such as meowing or strategically placing the tongue in the mouth for emphasis jaw. They may seem like niche content, but these ideas have happened so popular that young women and men with no apparent connection to the incel world are creating content about it.

Tradwife and nice guys

Trad wife is a term used to describe women who believe that women should act and live like 1950s wives, i.e. be obedient to your husbands, support their every wish and request without asking too many questions and satisfy the traditional gender roles Household. Of course, Tradwife content is created by women for women and romanticizes life Housewife, celebrating the lack of independence. A guy who suffers from handsome guy syndrome, on the other hand, is a man who identifies as good boy and who blames women for their sexual inexperience because they are often not conventionally attractive. These people think that sex is somehow theirs due, because they are not obviously violent and because they are male. Stop.

The ever-increasing spread of these terms places us facing the ugly reality: The Donald Trumps, Andrew Tates, and incels of the world are more popular than we’d like to believe, and their misogynistic worldviews are spreading fast. This is why it is important to understand where these terms come from, to combat them with full knowledge of the facts. These groups of men do not believe in gender equalitythey argue that feminism (as well as other socially progressive issues such as immigration, race, religion, and LGBTQ+ rights) have led to the destruction of society, and even go so far as to admire other men who have demonstrated violent behavior, including femicide.

What can we do?

The first thing is be aware. While some of the content we see on social media may seem lighthearted and fun, not all of it is. Take care of your digital space, do some research. This article is just a basic introduction to what’s going on in incel communities and how it’s coming into the mainstream, a starting point. Educate yourself about the people you follow, examine the content with a critical eye, make sure you haven’t been dragged into a tunnel of harmful messages without realizing it. You are also waiting for the content you create. If you are not sure about the origin of a trend, do not participate in it. Report bad behavior, report accounts or content that promotes hate. Reporting is anonymous, which ensures your safety. Think twice before reposting or spreading something, it might not be as harmless as you think.


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