Acqua Sant’Anna begins a journey into the world of art


A stable investment for Acqua Sant’Anna, increasingly social and digital and driven by an in-house marketing management with a small in-house team

Acqua Sant’Anna begins its journey into the world of art with the photographic exhibition ‘Acqua – Liquida Bellezza’, which gathers the shots of Silvano Pupella at the Still gallery in Milan.

On the walls of Denis Curti’s gallery are over 50 shots, from portraits of some employees to production lines, robots and, of course, water from the spring. The project is part of a wider program that aims to “bring more value to corporate communication”, explains Cristiana Genta, the brand’s marketing director, connecting commercial and institutional communication, increasing its tone and also starting a discussion on internal communication.

BrandNews met with Genta on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the exhibition to learn more about Acqua Sant’Anna’s communication projects in 2024.

Cristiana Genta, Marketing Director of Acqua Sant’Anna – photo by Silvano Pupella

How important is traditional communication for a brand?

“We don’t do much, we sponsor the RAI weather program and we experimented with the 60” format ‘Did you know?’ of Mediaset. There’s still some push for tactical action and talking about innovation, but it’s all shifted to social media now. Acqua Sant’Anna’s communication is fundamentally social and digital, starting with the e-commerce – the first for mineral water – a showcase of all the references of formats that allow us to better describe innovations such as Fruity Touch fruit waters, Sant’Anna the ‘Anna Beauty range and the new Sant’Anna PRO’. The approach, which has become increasingly cross-channel over the years, has allowed the brand to gain, Genta adds, “consolidated physical evidence, mind retention and brand awareness.”

Social always on

For marketing director Acqua Sant’Anna, it’s also very important to enter pop culture conversations in real time, so she’s building a small internal team that gives speed and rhythm to social communication, cutting the passages, emails and approvals that pass from one party to second, and to better manage various social media communities, from Instagram to LinkedIn, from YouTube to Tik Tok.

“While the Facebook community has remained essentially stable, there is significant growth on all other platforms, which is the result of a constantly active communication strategy that strengthens the spirit of belonging to the community and dialogue with consumers through multi-platform and immediate marketing operations linked to specific moments”, emphasizes Genta .

What is the relationship with influencers?

“Acqua Sant’Anna prefers to focus on micro and nano influencers to build a shared journey together; closer and more spontaneous faces that can build a more direct dialogue with consumers. In digital campaigns, Sant’Anna products, from water to beverages, are the protagonists, not talents or influencers”. For example, a campaign was created on Tik Tok dedicated to different products of the company, preferring unusual actors such as Silvia Parola, technical director and RAQ Acqua Sant’Anna, Daisy Osakue, Olympic finalist for the opening of the disco in Tokyo 2022. with mini trainings in which bottles and packs become tools for training, bottles and packets of water and San Thé for home practice, dancer Roman Frozand mother Ada Goccione.

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