Lugo and San Lorenzo together celebrate the anniversary of San Giuseppe the Worker

After more than twenty years of rotating presence in the city’s churches, the celebration Feast of St. Joseph the Worker will be celebrated in Parish Church of San Lorenzo in Selva, Lugo village with the program below.

Lugo coordination of the Diocesan Office for Pastoral Work has decided to “enforce” fixed territorial boundaries and propose a method of twinning through the local ACLI clubs and with the approval of the relevant vicariates, which ensures a common celebration , more precisely on May 1, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. in the Church of San Lorenzo, in via dei Bartolotti, 9.
The Holy Mass will be celebrated by the priest Don Angelo Vistoli, and at the end the provincial manager of the LIBERA association, founded by Don Luigi Ciotti, will briefly entertain those present on the theme “Mafia confiscated, an opportunity for social redemption and professional and skilled work”.

The celebration will end with the usual blessing of agricultural machinery and motorcycles and an aperitif offered by ACLI clubs Lugo and San Lorenzo.

Diocesan Office for Social and Work Pastoral Care – Coordination of Lugo declares: “Reflection on a subject specific to the world of work led the presenters to address aspects that often cause uproar and indignation: the mafia phenomenon in general, the effects, which has the same effect on the economy and on peaceful coexistence in the territories, on property that is accumulated through criminal activity. Stopping at these assessments demonstrates a certain sense of moral responsibility, but neglects what can be done today to restore life and dignity to properties and businesses that have been and continue to be seized by mafias, but often remain unused and underutilized compared to their potential.

Sometimes we are offered to buy back a bottle of oil or wine, characterized by the fact that it comes from a social cooperative founded by the Libera Terra association, which manages confiscated land and
put back into production with a legal basis. However, this represents only a small part of a large reality, which is often lacking in adequate information about the remedies that can be used for what
organized crime destroys, not only in the regions that are hastily labeled with the stigma of illegality, but also in our region, which should also have the necessary and sufficient antibodies to be able to
declare that he is a stranger to the mafia phenomenon.

But it is not so! And Carlo Garavini, the coordinator of Libero for the province of Ravenna, will introduce us to this topic: through the testimony of episodes and indicators that also represent the mafia phenomenon.
in our countries we will be able to realize how much we can do to create “good” job opportunities for young people and the unemployed and give them continuity through the organization of companies that are relevant in both aspects
both economic and social. Another way to create sharing and togetherness by growing good fruit from a land that has dried up greed and evil. There are laws and procedures to activate active policies: a decisive commitment is needed to give them substance and consistency, and this represents a civic commitment that must also be accepted in the spirit of the pastoral work.”


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