Circolo Cooperatori APS: video competition on “Women and cooperation in Romagna”

The APS Associates Club organizes a competition for the production of videos on the given topic “Women and Cooperation in Romagna”. The competition is part of a historical and sociological research project on the presence and role of women in collaboration in the Romagna region.

Cooperation was born with the spirit of redemption and emancipation of workers, and women were its participants and protagonists from the beginning, in the second half of the 19th century.

Attention then turns to the collaboration of the last decades, examining the quality of work and role, with an emphasis on the issue of effective gender equality.

The theme of “Women and collaboration in Romagna” can be freely developed, both in its contemporary and historical declensions.

The rules of the competition include the publication of short videos by the participants on their social channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) with a link to the e-mail dedicated to the competition,, in agreement with the special rules. . The created videos must not be published, but sent using appropriate technical methods (WeTransfer or similar) to the same email address. Submission of links or production begins on May 1, 2024.

Two categories of participants are admitted: one reserved for young people under 25 and the other open to everyone. Participants grant free permission to APS Cooperators Club to share and/or disseminate the videos on their social channels or in other forms.

The competition ends on 31 May 2024, when a link to the publication or product must be sent to the APS Cooperators Club. The videos will be evaluated by a committee of experts appointed by the Associates Club, and the winners will be announced within two weeks after the end of the competition.




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