Artevento Cervia: here is the program for Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 April

Despite the changeable weather, the second weekend also saw absolute attendance. Artevento Cervia, International Kite Festival the longest living in the world continues and prepares for the May 1 long weekend, the final leg of this 44th edition.

Until May 1, the most comprehensive and longest-running exhibition of artistic kites will offer viewers of all ages a breathtaking performance not only for their magnificence, but also for the professionalism that comes from the delicate work performed by the “artists of the wind”. “. With the participation of an extraordinary number of wind professionals from all over the world, such as artists, designers, international masters of aerobatic flight and true champions, again this year Artevento celebrates not only sustainability and freedom, but also brotherhood and peace between nations.

In the sign of the media partnership with RaiNews, Rai Public Utilità and TGR, the record edition is entirely dedicated to the Emilia-Romagna region to celebrate its rebirth after the catastrophic flood of last spring by choosing an evocative symbol – such as the pink flamingo, emblem of regeneration – exceptional testimonies – with Antoniano Bologna and the children’s choir Zecchino d’Oro chosen as ambassadors of peace – and numerous anniversaries, exhibitions and parades in accordance with his project and his value references.


Both days on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th April present the same calendar of events with aerobatic flight demonstrations, ecological installations, exhibitions and shows dedicated to society with the aim of strengthening unity and harmony between different people and cultures.

After the usual meeting at 10:00 in the Art and Ethnic Kites Area, Giant Kites and 3D Air Creations Area and Exhibition Area, which starts the activities with free aerobatic flight tests in the festive atmosphere and color of the event, visitors are offered the opportunity to get to the heart of Artevento Cervia with the Sky Gallery at 14:00, which includes the evaluation of visiting delegations.

For this 44th edition, up to 50 delegations from 5 continents and more than 250 invited artists came to Cervia. Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Korea, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, England, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Holland, Pakistan, Poland , Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tunisia, Switzerland, Tasmania, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, USA, Vietnam: these are just some of the countries participating in Artevento Cervia this year with the aim of meeting in “their Cervia” for a common dialogue in the wind, the celebration of the culture and traditions associated with flying kites and the promotion of pluralism and inclusion as an instrument of peace.Since 1981, the historic festival has been the destination of an unmissable pilgrimage for supporters of sustainable creativity, who find their “place of the soul” right on the beautiful beach of Romagna every spring.

The great party between the salt pans, the pine forest and the sea continues at 16:00 at the same place with a series of acrobatic flight performances to the rhythm of music in solo, couple and team groups called “Sport Kite Show”.

On the evening of Tuesday, April 30, we would like to draw attention to the performance of Circo Madera – the current circus (without animals) co-protagonist of this edition – called “Gran Cabaret Madera” and located in the chapiteau next to the Kite. Circus Village, the first official restaurant of the event, which represents one of the great innovations of the 44th edition. The Kite Circus Village, located in Piazza Premi Nobel and cared for by the staff of Full Moon Cervia, is open every day and offers the ideal place to enjoy delicious Romagna dinners in the colorful and intercultural climate of Arteventa, in close contact with its beloved protagonists.

We also remind you that like every day, also on April 29 and 30, visitors will have the opportunity to see the “Wind Gardens”, an exhibition of land kite installations, which has been one of the main attractions of the festival for years. immerse yourself in the colors of fantasy and discover the most original international designers.

Do not forget that until May 1 you will have the unique opportunity to visit two exhibitions dedicated to two great international artists, such as the British champion Carl Robertshaw – whose exhibition is located in the “suspended space” of the Officina Artevento, on the Pinarella beach in the Fiera del Vento Nord area, visible every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – and the German Wolfgang Bieck, master of aerial photography KAP Kite – for whom Artevento Cervia organized an exhibition in the Sala Rubicone in the Magazzini del Sales section, also visible every day of the festival from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. :00 and from 21:00 to 23:00.
You can view the complete Artevento Cervia program on the event website:

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