Kula Shaker ready to shock Pavaglione of Lugo with a mix of post-britpop.

Summer Festival in Ravenna is colored Rock, psychedelia AND…Indian spices with the newest addition to this edition’s XXXV shows: all thanks Ball Shaker cult band post-brit pop which, with its mix of Beatles, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix and fascination for the music and philosophy of India, is preparing to conquer the public Pavaglione from Lugo Saturday June 29 at 9:30 p.m replacing the meeting with Osmium scheduled for that day.

The Kula Shaker concert is part of the tour dedicated to the album Natural Magick released in February, thirteen tracks full of psychedelic rhythms, pop seductions, never banal melodies and pulsating energy that promises an explosive live performance. The lineup lives up to the great beginnings: alongside Crispian Mills, guitar and vocals, Jay Darlington on Hammond organ and keyboards, Alonza Bevan on bass and Paul Winter-Hart on drums. Tickets are now available from the Alighieri Theater box office, also by phone (0544 249244) and online (ravennafestival.org) and on the Vivaticket circuit.

Crispian Mills was born a quarter of a century late, but that was never a problem for him. He had two muses in his life: psychedelic rock and India, the destination of a pilgrimage that marked him at the age of twenty in 1993 and led him to name his group Kula Shaker in honor of a sacred Indian figure. With great ease and little philology, Kula Shaker banked on the commercial rise of Britpop in the mid-nineties with mesmerizing raga-rock numbers like Govinda and Tattva, a prelude to Deep Purple’s dedication to Hush thirty years later. And if critics never forgave their success, the band forged ahead regardless of the charts, with commendable cohesion and an enviable live performance. The only thing that matters.


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