Dear Mayor, fix Via Marabina or the road to Punta Marina, but don’t make the Porto Fuori link

Dear Mr. Mayor de Pascale,

I am writing to inform you of the opposition of the citizens of Porto Fuori to the construction of the so-called connecting road. In these last days, we learned through the roundabout and unofficial routes that the municipality of Ravenna is firmly convinced of the construction of this road; while a large part of the country’s citizens have no idea that the project will actually be implemented. I would like to state, if you spare 2 minutes of your valuable time, your objections and doubts about the public utility of this project, which are probably shared by the majority of the country’s citizens.

It is a project that does not enjoy sufficient consensus in the country and was opposed by the city council, the Darsena territorial council and more than 1,000 citizens who signed a petition. Implementation of the above project:

  • would harm the peace of mind of those living in affected areas,
  • will wipe out vegetable gardens and deprive us of their social function for the psychophysical well-being of our elderly,
  • removes green areas,
  • merchants who survive by passing through the Via Bonifica would certainly not see it well,
  • it would require funds that could be spent on other more useful public works that enjoy a greater consensus on the part of the country, such as the greater security of the Via Bonifica.

I believe that the impracticability of the link can be overcome by considering other more economical solutions, such as improvements to Via Marabina or the road to Punta Marina. It should also be borne in mind that Via Bonifica will adapt perfectly to summer peak flows after the widening of the roadway.

We think that the concession for the construction of thousands of square meters, approved by the municipality of Ravenna in the area of ​​Porto Fuori Est, does not take into account the guidelines of the Emilia Romagna region in terms of land consumption and ignores the critical problems highlighted by the recent floods in our area.

We believe that the work on the so-called connecting communication is partial; a private person would only pay for the connection between Via Bonifica and Via Staggi and from a practical point of view it will not achieve the goal of relieving the flow in the center of Porto Fuori, since the citizens will use the same current road no. Via Bonifica and the access road will at best be used by citizens living near the connecting road, which will bring her very little benefit.

Please note that acoustic compatibility measurements are not updated as they are older than current. It would therefore be necessary to review them in the light of the current reality in the area as other houses have been built which would be located close to the above mentioned road. The risk would be disturbing the tranquility of homes located near it, reducing property values, potentially undermining the health of citizens by bringing pollution within walking distance of them, and risking them being built less than the minimum regulatory distance. However, in my opinion, the distance is always insufficient if we consider the idea of ​​connecting a drop-off to Classicana in the future and thus creating a road of a class unsuitable for such areas.

Thank you for your attention to my city, but I am afraid that the link opens the way for further land grabbing for the benefit of construction speculation by private entities, which must be avoided absolutely for the above reasons. The evidence presented here might lead one to believe that the municipality favored the interests of a few private entities at the expense of the majority. However, I do not believe that, in fact I believe in your good faith and your advice, therefore, for this very reason, I am asking you to reconsider your attitude towards the realization of this work.

In the creation of the marine park and in your participation in the interview with the climatologist Mercalli, I saw an environmental sensitivity that I sincerely appreciated, and therefore I ask you to continue in this direction. I remember that on the occasion of the approval of the construction of Porto Fuori Est, you yourself said that you were willing, to paraphrase your words, “to introduce a virtuous mechanism that will allow situations to be reassessed if the interests of the community and the territory change”.

I therefore ask you to respect these words and block the implementation of this project. I know that in other cities it was possible to allocate funds from the connecting line for other works that enjoyed the approval of the citizens, I see no reason why it should not be done in Porto Fuori as well. This gesture will be a medal that he will always be able to show off in memory of his transparency and good work in this field.
Best regards,


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