Asparagus, pan and Camerte syncline: Marche wine tourism narrated by three protagonists

Three tasty events not to be missed in Marche. Barbara Settembri, Carlo Catalano and Alessio Bottacchiari are the protagonists of the story of regional wine tourism for “phase two” of the Wine Tour of the Marche, which offers an ideal route from Fermo to the Camerte syncline during the weekend at the end of April. , along the road that leads from the coast towards the Apennine ridge.

Three phases that lead to the discovery of three different visions of wine tourism (and brewery tourism!) with as many dinners narrated in the company of food editor Ilario Cappellacci. The launch of this second phase of the Marche Wine Tour is entrusted to Barbara Settembri, who on April 27 from the kitchen of her “Locanda dei Matteri” in Sant’Elpidio a Mare will prepare a special evening accompanied by the wines and stories of the three wineries del Fermano: Agostino Romani, Luci di Mezzo and Officina del Sole On the evening menu, many delicacies to taste, starting with the authentic pearl of the local biodiversity, namely the Elpidione asparagus, which “Lady chef Barbara” brings out for the occasion. your hat.

On Monday, April 29, the Marche Wine Tour will stop in Macerata, one of the youngest places in the “city of opera”, which in a short time has become a small cultural phenomenon thanks to the talent of the pizza chef Carlo Catalano. Let’s talk about “Lievitaria”, the protagonist of a special narrated dinner that offers one of the great classics of Italian gastronomy: the combination of pizza and beer! Between the pan and the spelled pizza, the attending public will be able to taste beers made in Marche by Mc77 and the Mukkeller brewery.

On Friday, May 3rd, the caravan will move to Camerino, where the Relais “Villa Fornari” will bring to life a special narrative, the protagonist of which is the “Sinclinale Camerte”, a closed valley that stretches from north to south through the interior of the Marche and extends from the peaks of the Sibillini National Park Mountains to the reliefs of the Apennine Pesaro and including important attractions such as the ancient ducal city of Camerino, from which it takes its name, the geometric series of Verdicchio di Matelica and Fabriano, the iconic paper city. The food and wine treasures of this evocative territory will be at the center of a sensory narrative created by Alessio Bottacchiari. The protagonists of the evening were two local wineries: Bisci and Borgo Paglianetto.

The Marche Wine Tour is an initiative supported by Bonfili design in collaboration with Tipicit√†, Ais Marche, Movimondo travel and co-financed by the Marche region as part of the “Marche Wine Tourism: from the vineyard to the table” tender.


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