New Maritime Park, many people visiting the walk and run

Sunday, April 28 The New marine park she was “baptized” by jogging and walking, which was very popular among the people of Ravenna. An event dedicated to those who love running or simply walking in the middle of nature, especially in a pine forest a stone’s throw from the sea.

With the organization of Asd Locomotiva Ravenna, the support of the Uisp Ravenna-Lugo committee and the coordination of running clubs, the organizers write, it is “an initiative designed to discover together the new Maritime Park, a route that is currently being created. in all nine beaches of Ravenna designed to connect the beach with the pine forest, but also the city of art with the planed trees through a series of interventions aimed at making the area even more attractive and which is inevitably changing for the better, the whole face of the coast of Ravenna. A route, among other things, that can be completed every day of the year and therefore can attract visitors even in the winter months”.

Ravenna Mayor Michele de Pascale

“This morning many of you came to walk and run to discover the new Maritime Park, a wonderful space between the beach and the pine forest of Punta Marina and Marina di Ravenna, which will gradually expand over the next year.” , from Casalborsetti to Lido di Savio.
Thanks to this project, our beach will turn into an even more attractive place for exploring the sea, for hiking and practicing outdoor sports, which will significantly contribute to the touristic growth of Ravenna!


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