Rougj introduces new sun sticks


With the arrival of the beautiful season, the days get longer and we find ourselves planning weekends away, eager to enjoy the sweet kiss of the sun. There is a common denominator between beach stays and mountain walks: enthusiasm for good weather. However, with the sun comes the need to effectively and safely protect our skin.

In your bag, next to your sunglasses and swimsuit, we find what you must have for a safe trip: sunscreen. It is they that allow us to get a radiant, but above all, healthy tan. And if there’s one product we can’t forget about on our outdoor adventures, it’s the news sun sticks OF Rough. Small and practical, they fit perfectly in your travel bag, ready to guarantee effective protection and hydrated skin during and after sunbathing.

New sunscreen stick for sensitive areas SPF 50+ it is an indispensable ally for preserving the most delicate areas of our body, such as birthmarks, blemishes and tattoos. It guarantees an effective defense against the sun’s harmful rays and allows us to enjoy the sun without worry.

It is presented by Rougj for the specific protection of the delicate area of ​​the lips Sunscreen for sensitive lips SPF 50+, specially designed to keep lips soft and protected. Thanks to its composition, lips remain hydrated and protected even on the hottest and sunniest days.

Finally, for those looking for instant relief from burning and skin irritation, there’s something new SOS stick after tanning. The extremely hydrating and soothing bar is ready to hit where quick relief is needed. With its soothing effect, it provides relief to reddened and irritated skin and deeply hydrates it.

With the new Rougj tanning sticks, we can face our adventures under the sun with safety and peace of mind, knowing that we always have the best protection for our skin at hand. Whether it’s a day at the beach, in the mountains or in the city, these sticks are ready to accompany us and take care of us.

Here are the details of the new products:

Tanning stick for sensitive areas SPF50+ Price: €14.90 – 10 g

Sunscreen SPF 50+ for sensitive areas offers a very high protection, tested to adapt to even the most sensitive skin. It is ideal to apply to more exposed areas on the sun such as ears, nose, cheeks and sensitive areas such as birthmarks, tattoos and skin blemishes. The its practical 10g format it is ideal to carry in your bag and use at any time and in any situation. His transparent texture AND sliding It is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin hydrated without unsightly white streaks. The aroma given by the stick releases a pleasant vanilla scent reminiscent of relaxed summer and winter vacation days. Formulated with Hawaii Treaty compliant filters that respect the marine ecosystem. Waterproof, marine-friendly and tested on sensitive skin.

Sunscreen stick for sensitive lips SPF 50+ Price: €9.90

SPF50+ Sensitive Lips sunscreen stick offers a very high protection of the lip area. Thanks to him comfortable size it can be carried in a bag and used at any time and in any situation. The product, apparently orange, has a transparent and flowing textureYes it absorbs within moments and hydrates the lips without leaving unsightly white streaks. The aroma supplied to the sticks releases a pleasant sensation on the lips sweet smell. Formulated with Hawaii Treaty compliant filters that respect the marine ecosystem. Waterproof, sea-friendly and tested on sensitive skin.

SOS stick after tanning for tanning, Price: 14.90 – 10g

The SOS Burn Stick is a innovative facial treatment be able soothes, hydrates, soothes and reduces redness of the treated areas. It can be applied to the face and body: uniformly or to specific places where they are located sunburn or insect bite. Stick thanks to his extremely soothing formula it can also be applied after shaving, on cracked skin. The product, obviously lilac, has a texture transparent, sliding and leave one pleasant feeling of freshness. This makes it perfect for carrying around in your bag Pocket size 10g.

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