What must not be missing at a wedding


All the preparations were carefully taken care of: the place was booked, the times were fixed, the invitations to participate were sent and the buffet was carefully selected.

Is there anything that can turn a wedding from memorable to unforgettable? Yes, they really are small details that make a difference.

Music: how to choose it for a wedding

The choice of music for the wedding is a fundamental element for creating the right atmosphere and entertaining the guests. It can be entrusted to a DJ, a band or a solo singer, depending on the preferred music genre and the type of party being held.

Possible request a specific playlist and personalized or dedicated songs that make the wedding even more original and unique.

The main rule is Don’t limit yourself to just one genrebut knowing how to choose the right moment for each type of music: calm and harmonious during the ceremony and the feast and livelier songs during the closing party. Other aspects to consider are the theme of the wedding, the style and taste of the couple.

The intent of the marriage must be defined: want to get your guests dancing? Then DJ-set moments may be necessary to engage even the shyest on the dance floor. Or, if you want to improve the conversation, a jazz concert might be the right choice if the rest of the event reflects the retro mood.

The wedding bag: foresight that makes the difference

The wedding handbag they are bags that add a touch of warmth and attention to detail to any wedding. These bags contain one various items designed to make the guest experience even more enjoyable and comfortable.

It may be inside essentials such as water bottlestissue paper, boxes or bags of rice or even flower petals to greet the newlyweds, sweets to cheer up the guests and disinfectant wet wipes to keep them fresh and clean.

AND detailed wedding program guidewith useful information such as a map of nearby places and services should not be missed.

If you want to add a touch of fun and practicality, you can’t miss them heel protectors for ladies who want to walk comfortably even after many hours, fun gadgets for “Photo booth and twinkling stars to create a magical atmosphere during special moments such as cutting the cake.

Plan B: necessary to suppress unexpected events

The word that scares you the most is “plan B”. The couple find themselves face to face while organizing their special day terrifying scenarios that include wind, rain, wet clothes and disgruntled guests.

There are many contingencies and alternatives need to be planned. The plan B so it becomes one an essential part of the organization of the event.

However, it is important to understand that this should not be considered a bad version of the event, but rather aan opportunity to turn any inconveniences into special moments.

is critical keep a positive attitude and make the most of these solutions alternatives that turn them from unwanted necessities into creative and fascinating choices.

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