The new House of DoDo 2024 campaign and its ambassadors

Believing in dreams, believing in happiness or loving a feeling. There are a thousand or more rare symbols that you can give as gifts and treat yourself Dodo in its thirty-year history, birthdays that find the perfect space to celebrate freedom of expression at House of DoDo. It is a house that joyfully welcomes and inspires the story of a person’s personality, encourages it without reservation, in an authentic way.

“Let’s play in the house” is the concept the new House of DoDo 2024 campaign. Commissioned by L’amour extreme, the agency involved in the production of worn shots, stills and videos, the creative duo Lebon + Bourgeois decided to focus on the theme of the game:
the most intergenerational, intercultural and universal form of entertainment.

Ambassadors Alice Pagani, James George AND Mikael Neaze Silva, the protagonists of the meeting at House of DoDo, share happy moments in various games and tell their stories through customizable, modular and collectible DoDo jewelry. Unforgettable moments immortalized with the iconic Polaroid filter-free images.

DoDo Ambassadors

At just 16 years old, Alice Pagani began studying acting at YD’Actors – Yvonne D’Abbraccio Studio in Rome. He made his debut with Il Permission – 48 Hours Out, co-starred in Classe Z and in 2018 appeared in Paolo Sorrentino’s Loro, where he won the Ciak d’Oro for Newcomer of the Year. From 2018 to 2020, she is the protagonist of Baby, a television series of the Netflix phenomenon. In 2021, he plays in the film Non mi Kill directed by Andrea De Sica. In the same year, he published his first book, Ophelia.

James George born in 1998, moved from Naples to Milan as a child to study
theater acting by the Stanislavsky method. After his film debut in Rupert Everett’s The Happy Prince, he starred alongside Colin Firth in Alessandro D’Alatri’s I bastardi di Pizzofalcone 2. Thanks to Mare Fuori, a very successful series on Netflix, it reaches the general public. He starred in the films Diabolik – Ginko Attack! and in the sequel Diabolik – Who are you? Manetti Bros and in the TV series For Elisa – the case of Claps, Noi sono massimo and Doc – In your hands.

Born in Moscow to an Angolan father and an Afghan mother, Mikaela Naez Silva is a cosmopolitan dancer who has participated in TV programs in Italy such as Dance Dance Dance, Zelig, Striscia la Notizia. She was a regular guest on Tiki Taka – La Repubblica del Pallone in the 2021/2022 editions. She first played the role of Betty in Roma Blues,
2023 movie.


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