MG3, how it works and what the compact and accessible hybrid offers

Incentives will arrive (hopefully) in May. Meanwhile, the hybrid market will stall at 3.3% in April. While manufacturers are reinventing compact and affordable models like the MG3.

We have been talking about incentives and eco-bonuses for months. Meanwhile, inexplicably “on the front of plug-in cars,” as president Michele Crisci recently defined them Unrae, “We proceed in reverse”. Cause? A long wait for incentives that don’t seem to be available any time soon Half of May; in fact, the publication of the decree of the Prime Minister announced three months ago in the Official Gazette is necessary, without which the Invitalia platform will remain non-functional.

Result? AND market paralyzed for 4 monthswhile the electricity was stopped in the month of April 2.3% altitudes and hybrids al 3.3. A stalemate in which even compact models are suitable especially for the city, economical (under 20 thousand euros) with very low emissions and consumption (over 20 km/l), such as the new hybrid MG3, they could end up on the “waiting list” of the Italians. In the same situation are other compact hybrids called segment Bcity ​​cars like Toyota Yaris, Renault Clio, Honda Jazz and others we will see later.

MG3, which offers a hybrid designed for the city

Hybrid, compact, economical, powerful (it has 3 engines, 2 of which are electric and have more power than most of its competitors). PUSH MG3the Chinese passport, with a brand that recalls England’s glorious past, plays it all (or a lot) in economic terms, with a price tag that, if the ecobonus (and the scrapping of the old model) allows, may even drop to approx. 16 thousand euros. Hopefully it won’t have such a distinctive style, on the contrary, an aspect where, as always, we leave every consideration to you, but the overall quality, the rationality of the spaces (large for the category) and, above all, the good performances that came from our test drive predict a good income in the market.

The MG3 enters the list of the 10 most interesting compact hybrids

Which 10 most popular compact full hybrid cars on the market, the cheapest, that have access to incentives for 2024? To understand the panorama it fits into MG3let’s look at the most affordable hybrid models, all belonging to the so-called “third band” assumed by the ecobonus, i.e. the one that includes cars with CO2 emissions between 61 and 135 g/kmwhich also includes MG3.

  • Dacia Jogger Hybrid
  • Full hybrid Honda Jazz e:HEV
  • Mazda2 Hybrid
  • Hybrid MG3
  • Mitsubishi Colt Full Hybrid
  • Nissan Juke Full Hybrid
  • Renault Clio E-Tech hybrid
  • Renault Captur E-Tech hybrid
  • Suzuki Vitara Hybrid
  • Hybrid Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid

Three motors (including 2 electric)

The MG3 is a hybrid intended primarily for the city. The reason is the size, but even more the efficiency of the hybrid system, which provides the best performance in operation, at least in terms of consumption and emissions; We’ll see the rest in a moment. We are talking about a full hybrid system that uses a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, the Atkinson cycle (among the most efficient solutions available today), a 45 kW electric generator that recharges the battery, but also provides additional thrust when needed. finally, a second electric motor that acts directly on the wheels. Overall, the MG3 delivers 195 hp (143 kW), a podium value compared to its competitors.

The advantage of a larger battery

Regardless of the performance, which is certainly suitable for extra-urban travel, the MG3 gives the best in the city, where thanks also emissions contained (100 g/km), it enters without paying even the strictest restricted traffic zones, such as Area C in Milan. Always 3 driving modes (Eco, Normal and Sport), the MG3 has a hybrid system (which in MG they call Hybrid+) particularly effective. This is quite understandable in the city, where, if the battery charge allows, you almost always drive in electric mode, in addition, using (adjustable) energy recovery at each braking, with advantages also in terms of noise and vibration reduction, in fact without having to shift, like an electric car.

The “secret” lies in one larger battery than almost all competitors (from 1.83 kWh) and an averagely more powerful electric motor. As the revs increase, the gasoline engine comes into play, as in all hybrids, but initially it serves only as an “assistance” to the electric part, which remains dominant. Only by demanding more power does the MG3 step up to the internal combustion engine; Operation at this point is more akin to the petrol model (always supported by an electric unit), including a 3-speed automatic gearbox.

Standard equipment: among the best in the segment (despite some shortcomings…)

The result is a car that is pleasant to drive, ready to accelerate even when Eco is selected and the power reduction system is selected, in favor of consumption. The MG3 loses a bit of its pleasantness by choosing Sport, a mode that certainly provides the best performance, but with a clear deterioration in acoustic comfort. For the rest, it is a car that offers a spacious interior with many compartments for storing items, with good loading area (too bad the rear seat is not divisible – most competitors offer a 60/40 split – and pro the steering wheel is not depth adjustable), complete instrumentation (everything is concentrated on a double digital screen, one 7 inches in front of the driver, the other 10.25 dedicated to the central infotainment system. The quality of finishes and plastics is discreet.

The standard equipment is good and always includes air conditioning, an audio system with Bluetooth connection, 4 USB ports, rear parking sensors and a camera (which partially solves rear view not optimal due to the large rear window pillars), a policy that rewards those looking for economy from a car, but also comfort and connectivity, from which it is no longer possible to deviate. Perhaps for safety, LED headlights could have been added as standard, more efficient and powerful (which can be had for a fee on the MG3 instead).

To get back to safety we conclude with today’s indispensable Adas driving assistance systems, such as the lane keeping system, adaptive cruise control or collision warning, to name the most important. FinallySome rivals may offer better interiors, but the low price, overall ride comfort and, above all, the efficient hybrid engine (along with a good level of standard equipment) make the MG3 one of the most attractive compact hybrids in its segment.

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