The meeting with the sailing school in Circolo Velico Ravennate returns for the summer

He will be back as always between 11 June and 16 August meeting with Ravenna Sailing Club sailing school which, starting this year, finds a partner of excellence in BPER.

The collaboration has been announced this morning during the press conference held at the headquarters of the BPER in Via Arnaldo Guerrini, attended by Giacomo Costantini, Councilor for Sports and Tourism of the Municipality of Ravenna, Cecilia Bavera, Head of the Emilia Est-Romagna Regional Directorate of the BPER, Matteo Plazzi, President of the Circolo Velico Ravennate and Andrea Portoraro , a member of the CVR board with a delegation to the sailing school. The partnership will be visible thanks to the BPER logo, which will appear on the ships used for training by the Ravenna-based association.

The sailing school, which has been promoted at school level for some time with the aim of bringing as many students as possible to participate in the six planned courses, four of which are fortnightly and two weekly, the sailing school is one of the reasons for the pride of almost six hundred members of the school. Circolo Velico Ravennate, whose activities to promote yachting among young people have continued continuously since its foundation.

The Circolo Velico Ravennate Sailing School, with an average of one hundred and seventy members per year, aims to exceed two hundred visits by 2024 and at the end of the season will be celebrated by organizing the Panzavolta Trophy, an event reserved for Sailing Schools throughout the region, which counts on the presence of around sixty crews.

In addition to the recreational-educational part, the program will also offer the opportunity to participate in workshops organized in collaboration with the Cestha of Marina di Ravenna, which strives for the coexistence of productive activities and the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems with carabinieri. Command for Biodiversity Protection and with Tralenuvole social promotion association.

The sailing school is undoubtedly the cornerstone of our partnership, which has always worked with the aim of spreading the culture of yachting and seafaring, especially among the smallest, making everything available to those interested and guaranteeing the highest quality standards. The mission that, thanks to this partnership with BPER e with the support of local institutions, especially the municipality of Ravenna, we will continue to spread sea culturestated the president of the Ravennate Sailing Club, Matteo Plazzi.

BPER is pleased to support the Circolo Velico Ravennate and promote sailing courses for younger people. We have always believed in the importance of sport to empower and grow the passion, determination, perseverance and enthusiasm of young people. This partnership confirms the bank’s efforts to be increasingly active and present in this areastated Cecilia Bavera, head of the regional directorate of Emilia Est-Romagna BPER.


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