Many satisfactions for the Fight Club of Ravenna, which continues to grow

April 28th was a great Sunday full of sport, energy and emotion for the Fight Club of Ravenna, a martial arts club: at the forefront of the Italian Karate Masters Championship and the WBFC Light mma World Championship.

On the tatami of PalaPellicone in Ostia Lido, Technical Director Vito Durante, already a professional athlete at CSOE (Army Olympic Sports Center), who declared: “I am excited every time I put on the uniform, it is an honor for me to be a graduate of the Italian Army”. Durante climbed to the third step on the podium at the Championship of Italy Master Karate FIJLKAM – Italian Federation of Martial Arts Judo Wrestling Karate competing in the specialty Kumite (controlled contact fight) for the category Master A + 75 kg, thus reaffirming himself as an athlete of high sports value.

In addition to the bronze medal, the athlete placed fifth in the Master A Kata (“forms”, technical-combination specialty) category of the Italian championship, bringing Gojushi Sho and Kanku Sho, advanced Kata of the Shotokan style, to the competition. . “To prepare— he added – I thank all my athletes who helped me maintain my performances at a high level, and from a technical point of view, the contribution of maestro Giovanni Fabbri is valuable.”

Meanwhile, a major sporting event took place in Lombardy at the Palazzetto Sandro Pertini in Milan, bringing together more than 1,000 athletes from around the world in 2024 wearing the colors of the Ravenna club. Giulia Garofalo, at In her combat sports debut, she won the title of MMA Light World Champion. Fight Club was present with six competing athletes (Giacomo Forestieri, Andrea Piccinini, Fabio Finelli, Giulia Garofalo, Enea Sirioli, Gabriele Liverani) from kickboxing, mixed martial arts and grappling courses under the guidance of technical instructor Erik Fellini, who stated: “The level of a lot has risen, there are many strong athletes from Eastern Europe, this gives us the impetus to start training with more intensity and continue with a series of challenges and internships with excellence in this area”.

New emerging coaches Giacomo Siroli and Bartolomeo Perini are also in the corner. Everyone’s performance was very good, with some excellent results. In fact, we saw the results of Enea Siroli who won the first match in K1, dominating his opponent and then went on points in the semi-finals and the exploit of Andrea Piccinini, who unfortunately did not take home the belt, but won second place by losing in the final due to a “split decision” .

Another important milestone for Fight Club is the fact that a few days ago the association was ranked 29th nationally with the highest number of members in the 4-11 age group (pre-competition category) out of approximately 1,200 karate affiliates. fijlkam sector. “A big satisfaction for Fight Club, which has been running karate/martial arts/combat sports in the heart of Ravenna since 2017. FIJLKAM wanted to reward us by giving us the opportunity to take part in a joint project with Paramount+ to promote the new turtleninja series”, says the association.

Party scheduled for the results achieved on Tuesday afternoon from 17:30 to 18:30 at the headquarters of the Fight Club at via S Cavina 27 A, Centro San Biagio Ravenna.


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