The list of candidates for the director “Per Cervia” was presented with Gianni Grandu at the top

On Tuesday afternoon, the official presentation of the list of 16 candidates for the council of the city of Cervia, who belong to the “FOR CERVIA” list, took place at the Cafè della Rotonda in Milano Marittima. with the support of “Civil Charter with Gianni Grandu – serving the community, United for Cervia – Italia Viva and the Italian Socialist Party, Action with Calenda – We are European” at the next municipal elections scheduled for June 8 and 9.

“Our ideas want to contribute to a sustainable urban project oriented towards territorial improvement from an environmental, economic and social point of view. For this reason, our program focuses on the idea of ​​”living well”, which we believe is essential for the growth of the quality of life of citizens and tourists” announce the candidates on the PER CERVIA list.

“Tourism for a good life, a city of sports, the well-being of people as well as animals, a cultural policy focused mainly on young people, a city in safety and, in general, the economic development programs proposed in our program form an innovative vision of the city, to which it is also possible to reformulate incoming tourist strategy, and a new way of thinking about a “city in quality” – continued from the FOR CERVIA List. Candidates whom we thank for their availability, these are 8 women and 8 men of mostly civil origin with some political representatives: Rossella Fabbri, Bianca Verri – actresses Italia Viva – Alberto Fantini and Domenico Bevilacqua – representatives action -, Massimo Corbelli and Francesca Enrica Tiozzi exponents Italian Socialist Party. Together we want to contribute to the success of the PER CERVIA list and support the election of our candidate by Mayor Mattia Missiroli”

“I am satisfied and very motivated to coordinate this beautiful group of women and men. explains leader Gianni Grandu – with different and complementary experiences, who, by joining the “Per Cervia” project, decided to put themselves at the service of our city by making a significant contribution both to the definition of the program and to the overall vision of a civic political project that puts innovation at the center of its goals and all-round quality”.

Below is a detailed list of candidates for Cervia City Council from the PER CERVIA list

1. GRANDU Gianni, Head of List – Degree in Sociological Sciences – President of the Cervia Municipal Council and formerly Councilor in the Zoffoli and Coffari Councils with delegation of functions relating to security, legality, sports, school, welfare and community – 66 years old;

2. FABBRI Rossella, Degree in Economics and Business – Entrepreneur, formerly Councilor in the Coffari Council with responsibility for Economic Development, Territory and Public Finance – 50 years;

3. DONATI Alberto, Diploma in Political Science – Banking – Former Councilor in the Zoffoli Council with delegations of cultural development functions – 60 years;

4. FANTINI Alberto, Diploma in Architecture – Liberal Professions – 1940s;

5. AMATO Daniela, business economics major – entrepreneur – 46 years old;

6. BEVILACQUA Domenico, major piano – music teacher – 22 years;

7. BRIGANTI Michele, diploma – company manager – 48 years old;

8. CORBELLI Massimo, Diploma in Philosophy and Political Science – Provincial President of Aics Ravenna – 71 years old;

9. FEDI Caterina, psychology student and conservatory – music teacher – 1920s;

10. GRILLI Marina, graduated in psychology – educator – psychologist – 41 years old;

11. MANGANELLI Ilenia, commercial technical diploma – businessman – 47 years old;

12. POPE Tommaso, industrial expert – ANMIL-Ravenna Territorial Council – 66 years;

13. SWEDEN Antonio Emiliano, surveyor diploma – employee – city councilor – 52 years old;

14. TIOZZO Francesca Enrica, diploma in tourism – tour operator – 37 years old;

15. TORRI Alessia, Technical Business Diploma – Entrepreneur – Member of Proloco of Milano Marittima – 43 years old;

16. VERRI Bianca, Diploma in Political Science – President of the Cervia Centro Area Council – aged 71.


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