Sub Faenza swimming: Alberto Fabbri won four medals with the regional swimming team

Last weekend of Nuoto Sub Faenza went to the archive with the excellent results achieved by Alberto Fabbri (category Novice A), who summoned the Finnish Emilia-Romagna regional representative to the 2nd Orestino Zazzarini swimming memorial held at the municipal swimming pool of Sassuolo. Fabbri won the 200m breaststroke, placed 2nd in the 100m breaststroke, 3rd in the 100m butterfly and 4th in the 50m butterfly, and won a silver medal in the 4x50m medley at the Emilia-Romagna B relay.

In the same B event, beginners from Nuoto Sub Faenza showed continued progress by improving their personal bests in view of the summer regional championships: Emma Alpi placed 2nd in the 100 butterfly and 3rd in the 50 butterfly; Sophie Tassinari came close to the podium in the 50m backstroke and Giuseppe Lega in the 50m butterfly.
Also within the regional representatives of Emilia-Romagna Federnuoto, Alex Gaddoni (boys category) will compete in the 13th meeting of Squalo Blu from April 26 to 28 at Multieventi Sport Domus in Serravalle, Republic of San Marino.

It was a Sunday of races for them too artistic swimming girl of all categories in Lugo at the 3rd Finnish Regional Trophy. Ludovica Bambi (Rookies C) and Sofia Bertaccini (Rookies B) confirmed their competitiveness at regional level, both placing eighth in Solo. Duo Esordienti C (Ludovica Bambi-Emma Iovine and Sofia Cartilari-Amanda Baracani) and Esordienti B (Sofia Bertaccini-Sofia Minguzzi and Iris Maria Fabbri-Elena Pederzoli) were rewarded after long and constant training by placing in the middle of the table. The excellent season work of the junior duo of Martina Leoni and Antonio Luccaroni also led to an encouraging score.

“We had a lot of competition this month – explain trainers Michela Vendemiati, Asia Quadalti and Giulia Di Domenico in one voice -: this meant a lot of effort and constant commitment from all the athletes who are to be congratulated. We are proud of the work we have done in recent months. At the Trofeo Fin in Lugo, our “efforts” were rewarded: we achieved very satisfactory results that give us hope for an even better future. Now we have a one-month break: we will return to the pool on Sunday 26 May in Casalecchio di Reno for the Uisp regional finals. Our goal is to present ourselves on this occasion ‘in better shape than ever’ to finish the sporting season in the best possible way.”

The championship team was defeated in the water polo sector last Saturday at the Sterlino pool in Bologna: the hosts won 13-6, also benefiting from a turnover between Faenza players. The seventh return and final day of Group A of the Uisp Regional will conclude the official season for Coach Spoglianti’s team, who will face the Centes on Sunday, May 5 at 6 p.m. at the San Giovanni Municipal Swimming Pool in Persiceto. .

In the youth field, a team under 13 years of age went to Sassuolo last Saturday to face Ondablu, who won 9-8. coach Sasha Bandini comments -: we paid dearly for two mistakes, one against nil and a missed free-kick against a team that has the strongest midfield in the Championship, but we were good at believing it all the time and creating a good response. We were up 8-5, we got them to 8, but on their last drive we conceded a ninth goal, while our last shot stopped on the goal line.” On Day 5, scheduled for Saturday, April 27, they will have the Under 13s rest, but on Tuesday, April 30, from 20:00, they will face Unisport Carpi at home in a recovery match valid for the 3rd rematch day of the Uisp regional championship.

Team for beginners up to 12 years old instead it returns to the water Sunday 28 April at 14:00 for the derby with Ravenna away at the “Gianni Gambi” swimming pool: match valid for the 3rd day in group D of the 2nd phase of the regional championship Fin.

In the meantime, by popular demand, the coaches are holding a Saturday, May 4th at 4:15 p.m Faenza municipal swimming pool, water polo open day for girls and boys born between 2012 and 2016 who already have good swimming and swimming skills; group ball games, swimming and much more are planned.



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