The Comunale di Russi Contemporary Theater show ends. The last show on stage is “7 against Thebes”

Last meeting Friday, May 3, with the performance beginning at 8:45 p.m., pro revue of contemporary theater at the Comunale di Russi. The show that closes the cycle is “7 Against Thebes” by Lombardi-Tiezzi / The Sandbags.

It’s about reading Aeschylus’ tragedy whose history is known. The Oedipus twins, Eteocles and Polynices, are burdened by their father’s disastrous fate: being twins and unable to boast a certain right to the throne, they both agreed to rule alternately. Eteocles was the first, but Polyneices never got the job. In fact, Eteocles had him captured and removed from the city. Forced exile led Polyneices to form an alliance with the king of Argos to take revenge on Thebes and his brother.

Here Aeschylus’ tragedy begins with the Argive army at the gates of Thebes: for each of the seven gates a terrible warrior and an equally terrible guard. Who will win? In the Lombardi-Tiezzi Company production / I Sacchi di Sabbia, we face one classic tragedy with comedic twists but without being a parody.

PUSH the challenge of this project, in which high and low are seamlessly mixed, is intended to “force” the viewer into ever-changing emotional dispositions, leading him to get lost in the Greek imagination. The alternation of seven duels sets the rhythm of the whole show, we move towards a climax whose inevitability is known: it is known that in the end it will be two brothers who will fight and both will die in the clash. But how do we get there? Laughing?

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