Sony introduces the new 2024 series Bravia TV series

With the proliferation of streaming services, more and more people prefer to enjoy cinema from the comfort of their sofa at home. From film production professionals, from digital cameras to professional monitors or headphones, Sony he has acquired extensive industry knowledge and knows exactly what directors and content creators are looking for. New line Great not only enhances the sense of realism of cinematographic content, but can convey the magic of big cinemas even in a home environment with excellent sound and image quality. By combining TVs, soundbars and other home audio technologies under a single brand, the company wants to offer customers all the equipment necessary to enjoy a unique movie experience, made up of images and sounds that correspond to the intentions of the creators, are evocative and spectacular.

This way, the images will turn out exactly as the director imagined them, even if they will be broadcast on a home television screen. One of the elements that makes this experience possible is the Bravia 9’s high peak brightness combined with precise backlight control.

Optimal image quality is the result of a perfect combination of technologies that Sony introduces for watching movies in the living room: processor Xr, for example, uses a scene recognition system that accurately detects and analyzes every detail and then optimizes the image to make it look realistic, exactly as the director intended. Like the backlight control technology built into Sony monitors for professional use, Xr Backlight Master Drive uses a dimming algorithm to control thousands of LEDs to create authentic contrast that also highlights shadow detail.

Thanks to the excellent brightness, even a majestic natural scene, such as a mountain landscape with the sun reflecting on the snow, is reproduced with maximum fidelity and detail, regardless of the level of illumination in the room. System X-Anti Reflection reduces reflections and glare caused by the sun or lamps to allow for pure black and sharp images without interference, even in broad daylight. System X-Wide Instead, the angle ensures a perfect image from any angle, from the sides to the center.

The new ones Excellent 9 with technology Acoustic Multi-Audio+ are the first TVs in the world to feature beam tweeters at the top and frame tweeters at the sides, an ideal configuration for generating cinema-level surround sound, where every sound comes from the right place in the picture. New technology Voice Zoom 3 It recognizes human voices using an AI-based algorithm and raises or lowers the volume so that all lines of dialogue can be heard clearly.

Get inspired by cinema configurations, Synchronization of the acoustic center integrates sound bars and other audio devices with your TV so that the sounds exactly match the actions on the screen. In large cinemas, the speakers are placed behind the screen, which, thanks to micro-perforations, allows sound waves to pass towards the audience. The sounds and dialogues are thus overlapped with the projected image, in the correct position. When combining i Bravia TV to products Bravia Theatre function Synchronization of the acoustic center it uses the same principle: it combines the sound from the TV’s speakers with the sound from the sound bar to produce a single sound that seems to come from the screen.

Finally, the methods Studio Calibrated by Bravia TV which allow the filmmaker to achieve the desired image quality even in a home context, are expanded by the addition of a new one Primary video calibration mode, which multiplies the possibilities of watching the best titles on the platforms with a director’s eye. With Prime Video Calibrated Mode, you will therefore be able to enjoy optimal image quality that is automatically calibrated for movies, series and, for the first time, live broadcasts of sports events. The new Bravia 2024 models in sizes from 55 to 85 inches are now available for pre-order.


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