New civic list in the area of ​​”Courage and Innovation” in support of Mattio Missiroli, Mayor

Samanta Farabegoli is the head of the list, Chiara Caraboni is the coordinator of the newly created citizen list “Courage and Innovation with Mayor Missiroli”, center-left mayoral candidate in Cervia. The birth of the list and the press conference to present the list of candidates took place on Wednesday 24 April at Mima Beach 272, Lungomare di Milano Marittima. A list that wants to be clearly civil, “far from the traditional parties”, young and youthful, dynamic, to give voice to the “second Cervia”, which has distanced itself from politics.

“It is an ambitious project promoted by a group of young people active in the community, united by a common vision of sustainable development and ready to work for the good of the city. Civil list Courage and innovation with Mayor Missiroli it comes to life from the initiative of passionate citizens determined to contribute to the well-being of Cervia, in a political space far removed from traditional parties. – say the promoters – The aim is to create a place for a dynamic and innovative discussion and debate together with the candidate Mattia Missiroli, so that we can contribute to building a visionary and concrete project. The list has been finalized: the young people who make it up have different study paths and are cross-representative of all areas of work and activity in Cervia.”

“We decided to focus on innovation and courage, the two most important aspects that embody the ambitions of new generations. – they continue – And Missiroli has demonstrated great openness to dialogue and understanding of our perspectives in this. There is a second city in Cervia that is made up of people dissatisfied with administrative processes and political dynamics. Above all, we want to reawaken in them the collective and higher meaning that good politics must bring with it, starting with concrete and genuine attention to even small needs.”

Courage and innovation it wants to preserve the identity of our places, but at the same time promote aesthetics and beauty in the broadest sense of the word that these words express. We are therefore talking about the social, ecological and economic sustainability of all options, verification and control during construction, support of business initiatives that have a common interest at their center and which must be the starting point for ensuring that it is increasingly functional and efficient. Therefore, opportunity and innovation on the one hand, solidarity and inclusion on the other. Our List – they close – so it has a very clear scope of work, design, validation and relaunch. To build an increasingly European and increasingly innovative city together.”


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