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MILAN – MAX&Co., the well-known brand of the Max Mara Fashion Group, is excited to present its latest capsule collection in collaboration with Fatma Mostafa, a talented designer and winner of Fashion Trust Arabia 2022. The collection titled “Elham”, which means “Inspiration” in Arabic, is a living tribute nature and the rich tradition of craftsmanship, influences that are reflected in Mostafa’s unique creations.

A tribute to art and innovation
With an eclectic background that ranges from painting to embroidery, Fatma Mostafa brings her deep connection with art to the new collection for MAX&Co. Inspired by Egyptian landscapes and the works of Monet, Mostafa incorporates naturalistic elements and artistry into every piece, from jewelry to clothing.

Collection details
Statement pieces from the ‘Elham’ collection include jewelery such as lion necklaces and cheetah bracelets, as well as exquisite earrings and rings that depict idyllic pictorial scenes. The clothing includes tulle T-shirts enriched with floral appliqués and ribbed tank tops with gold details that bring a touch of sophisticated originality.

The philosophy of MAX&Co.
The company MAX&Co. continues to define itself as a brand aimed at women of character who are looking for an expression of their personal style and a way to stand out in their clothes. The global distribution of the products, available both online and in more than 400 stores, is testament to the brand’s commitment to ensuring the availability and freshness of its designs.

Fatma Mostafa

Exploring the “Elham” capsule collection: Unifying creativity and unique styles

The “Elham” capsule collection emerges as a concentration of creativity and uniqueness, characterized by an eclectic mix of styles and materials. Each piece tells a story of boldness and originality, reflecting inspiration drawn from Egypt’s natural landscape, traditional arts and crafts.

The origins and inspiration of “Elham” with MAX&Co.

The designer reveals that the inspiration for “Elham” was the inner beauty of the Egyptian landscape, integrating natural elements with traditional and modern art. The addition of bold details, such as a portrait of a lion and a cheetah with irregular spots, emphasizes the themes of boldness and uniqueness. Cooperation with MAX&Co. allowed the designer to freely express her artistic vision, supported by an open and welcoming team that amplified her passion for experimenting with materials and jewelry.

Meaning of the name “Elham”

“Elham”, which means “inspiration” in Arabic, is also the name of the designer’s mother, who deeply influenced her artistic and professional career. The name not only pays homage to his Arabic roots, but also symbolizes the passion and inspiration that drives his creativity.

The goal of the “Elham” capsule collection.

The “Elham” collection is designed for the woman who likes to express her unique style and artistry through her clothes. This woman is bold, creative and not afraid to show her individuality through fashion.

Personal style and designer preferences

The designer describes her personal style as simple, but enriched with meaningful details, such as jewelry that accentuates every look. Among the pieces in the capsule collection, jewelry has a special place in her heart, highlighting her love for pieces that combine comfort and style.

The union of art and design in jewelry

The designer combines her fine art with her passion for jewellery, using various materials and techniques – from oil painting to photography to embroidery. This multidisciplinary approach allows her to create unique pieces that are true examples of wearable art.


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