Ottavio Righini reconfirmed at the helm of the 50&PIU’ in the province of Ravenna

The optional meeting of the members of the 50&Più Province of Ravenna took place at the headquarters of Confcommercio Ravenna. The association, active in Italy and in Ravenna for 50 years, has 3,655 members in our province, and 300,000 members in Italy. It consists mainly of retirees from the tertiary sector and deals mainly with social security, tax assistance and association life (meetings, tourism, sports, information, publishing, study center, cultural development, information courses, free time).

Ottavio Righini was reconfirmed as president: Cesare Brusi (Vice-President of Cervia), Pietro Maretti (Vice-President of Faenza), Claudio Zanellato (Vice-President of Lugo), Vittorio Squassoni (Vice-President of Ravenna) and councilors Romano Bertaccini, Gian Lazzaro were also elected Bosi, Gabriella Capelli, Patrizia Cimatti, Itala Cipriani and Donatella Mazza.

This year’s activity of the association was also highlighted: visit to the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition in May; participation in the international film competition in Rome “Corti di Lunga vita” with a film produced in Ravenna called “Villa Sorriso”; in June, a visit to the Island of Love in the Po estuary; at the end of the school year, the awards ceremony for the Carlino ‘Reporters in class’ journalism championship, also promoted by 50&più Ravenna; the presentation at Cervia La Spiaggia loves the book of the fourth volume written by Carlo Sangalli and Marco Trabucchi about the problems of the elderly. Furthermore, a visit to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello (Modena) was organized in October; in November, a trip to Rome to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the life of the association with a papal audience. In December, the annual activity ends with the presentation of the Masters of Commerce awards at the Chamber of Commerce and the presentation of the Iron Eagle to an important personality of our province.


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