It looks like it’s ready to fly into space, but instead it’s a bridge placed on Earth

On social networks, you often come across places that are so beautiful that they don’t seem real: blue bays, beaches with a special texture, canyons or whitewashed mountains. Suggestive looks yes, but also quite popular and common if we really want to tell the truth. Viralization instead Chongqing Bridge in China leaves everyone stunned with its truly unusual appearance, which made many Instagram and TikTok users question whether it was an accessible location or a glimpse of a futuristic space base.

Yes, because the bridge, z total length 3.6 kmit’s so oddly shaped that the association with a spaceship or vehicle designed for interstellar travel feels almost natural: the steel beam and the circular design of the bottom make you almost feel ready to go into Deep Space when you look at it.

“Space” bridge function

The Chongqing Bridge was built to connect Dadukou and Banan districts. The designers wanted to create a suspended highway state-of-the-art, adapting to the very high standards required for the organization of transport in China. It was clear from the beginning that the highway would have different levels: the upper part would be urban, two-way and divided into eight lanes, the lower part would be for rail transit.

The project also had to include two towers, which, in addition to the supporting function, was supposed to have a basic function for control and monitoring rooms. So the idea seemed rather ambitious, and therefore the work was entrusted China Communication Construction Company the top of this sector in the country.

From idea to implementation

If the idea, as we have already said, was ambitious, the result went even further. As announced at the time of creation (2022) by the company itself China Communication Construction Company, the one in Chongqing has officially become the largest longest road and rail suspension bridge in the world, with a total length of 1,384 meters and a main span of 660 meters. But not only that, because as his viralization shows, he is also one of the most evocative, thanks to what was essentially his concept.

In fact, when the project team conceived the bridge, they not only wanted to create a means of connection that would give space to the cars (and the train), but they wanted to include details that would refer to Chongqing Regional Culture and its close association with the waters: born of water, prosperous by water, and magnificent by water is one of the passwords of the Chinese region. Thus, its towers were designed in the shape of a “drop of water”.

This idea makes the towers look like drops that merge into the Yangtze River from above while the bridge passes through, providing an innovative architectural effect. Addition, circular design The lower part of the bridge has a special purpose: it mainly serves to create a kind of window, a transparency effect that allows people to see the landscape of vehicles as well as city buildings from almost any perspective.

Interstellar design

The lower part of the bridge is accessible and the public can go to the beach and watch the “space” show that stands out on social media. In addition, during the dry season, the Yangtze River recedes and the area becomes ideal for picnics and “interstellar” excursions that make those who go there think they are inside a base located somewhere else on a distant planet.



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