Inside a surreal dream: Gibbs Farm Sculpture Park

There are places in the world that seem to whisper ancient stories in the wind, places that hold essence beauty in all its forms. Places that enchant us with their quiet splendor and amaze us with their extraordinary beauty. Whether gifts from Mother Nature or creations of man, they invite us every day to embark on exciting journeys discovering miracles that our planet has to offer.

Today we let ourselves be enveloped by the magic of a truly special place: the Gibbs Farm in New Zealand. Hidden in the beating heart of the city Auckland, this farm stands out from all the others. This is not a simple piece of land devoted to agriculture, but a a museum in nature, an art exhibition that breaks the boundaries between the real and the imaginary. Art here merges with nature in perfect unity and gives life and incredible panorama that will truly leave you speechless.

Gibbs Farm: a miracle farm

Alan Gibbs, an emblematic figure in New Zealand’s economic landscape, is a businessman whose wealth is matched only by his innate passion for art. Founder Gibbs amphibiansa leading company in the high-speed amphibious vehicle sector with offices in Detroit, Michigan, Nuneaton and Auckland, despite relocating to London, it has maintained a strong and indelible bond with its country of origin, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to promote New Zealand culture and arts through an unprecedented art project: Gibbs Farm.

This incredible attraction is located in a vast green area near Kaipara Harbour was created twenty years ago and still charms visitors from all over the world. But what makes it unique are the impressive sculptures that populate the landscape: monumental works of art which stand out against the sky and help create an atmosphere of extraordinary charm.

An unmissable and original destination that hosts works by 22 contemporary artists World famous. To admire them is to be enchanted by the natural beauty of the farm and its treasures, true masterpieces that blend perfectly into the idyllic landscape of these lands.

New Zealand’s most incredible art park sculptures:

Set in the spectacular setting of New Zealand, the artworks challenge the natural landscape with boldness and originality. Among them stands out “Horizons”, one of the first sculptures commissioned for the property. A work created in 1994 by a renowned artist Neil Dawsonrepresents a corrugated sheet profile which evokes the image of a giant crumpled handkerchief. Silhouetted against the sky, this sculpture offers a stunning visual effect as a silent statement of artistic presence. As the wind gently moves it, it seems to become almost transparent, creating an optical illusion which amazes and fascinates. It almost seems to defy the laws of physics, floating in the air like a feather while at the same time sinking its roots into the ground and blending into the surrounding scenery.

Along with the ease of “Horizons“, Gibbs Farm is home to another amazing piece of art: “Red Cloud Comparison in landscape“OF Leon Van Den Eijkel. Created in 1996, this sculpture is a colorful sequence of volumes that degrade in shades of red, yellow and blue. inclined horizontal surface which marks the natural panorama, a silent but lively dialogue between art and the environment, between the work of man and the beauty of nature.

Finally, among many installations, “Arches“OF Andy Goldsworthy stands out with a special charm. It is accessible by reservation only and is a series of Scottish stone arches that seem to rise straight out of the ground. By creating a an imaginary bridge between the past and the present, the artist was able to create a work that combines history, art and nature in a surprising combination. It is a place where art meets nature in surprising and innovative ways, transforming the landscape into a living, dynamic canvas.


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