Fire at Don Minzoni in Ravenna: The municipality will spend 100 thousand euros to restore the damage to the school

One hundred thousand euros. That’s how much the fire that devastated the music room at Don Minzoni High School in Ravenna on April 2 will cost the city of Ravenna. This is determined by a special resolution of the council, approved in recent days, taking into account the protocol drawn up by the municipality’s technician, who intervened to determine the damage after the fire.

The list is given in the document: “damage to the soffit of the portico, blinds, equipment of the music hall and
to adjacent areas; the smoke and heat that developed also caused damage to instruments, materials and equipment in the music room and to the electrical system. Smoke invaded part of the school.”

Work necessary for safety and restoration has been urgently entrusted to CEAR in terms of “safety and insulation of the electrical system, verification of the fire detection system and restoration of smoke extractors of the door opening system; removal of shutters damaged by the heat of the fire, security of furnishings, removal of broken light fixtures and glass, and replacement of broken emergency exits by the EMS in the event of their intervention; removal of soot-soaked and damaged ceilings in the music room in the secretariat and in the atrium corridor; dividing rooms by supplying and installing a plasterboard wall to separate the area affected by the fire from the rest of the building; cleaning and suitable whitewashing with suitable anti-smoking agents in the area of ​​the corridor above the secretariat of the main atrium most affected by smoking”.

BENPOWER SRL, specialized in post-fire sanitation, in addition to cleaning, dusting, washing, sanitation, took care of the removal and disposal of debris and burned material and the removal of school furniture and equipment and damaged musical instruments present in the music room. school grounds and canteen, while Herambiente is in charge of waste disposal.

As you probably remember, it was the afternoon of the last day of the Easter holidays, when a pile of pallets and material for disposal – mainly expired masks and disinfectants from the Covid era – caught fire on the green area in front of the school. overlooking the music classroom. The entire room was filled with smoke and flames with devastating effects on everything inside as well as structural elements.

The fire was quickly extinguished by the firemen, and the students extended their vacation by a few days: in order to clean the rooms and ventilate them from the smoke that had crept in everywhere, the school did not reopen until the following Monday.


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