Back to black Amy Winehouse: the film causes controversy

Story about Amy Winehouse it’s a sad story, made up of abandonment, addictions and torment, despite all the very bright talent that in a short time has become almost as indelible as that eyeliner and that hair bun. A recent story unfolding before our eyes with alarming speed that left us feeling powerless. We had a star in front of us and we were doing nothing when it went out. Now a film that would like to tell this story was released in cinemas but some of the public, his fans and friends will not appreciate it. Let’s try to understand why.

When is the Amy Winehouse movie coming out?

The first trailer for the film was released on 11 Back to blacka film dedicated to the singer from Love is a lost game who died in July 2011. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, produced by Studiocanal and Monumental Pictures with a script by Matt Greenhalgh, it hit theaters on April 18, 2024, and audiences already very strong opinions o. This is not the first film dedicated to the singer. It actually saw the light of day in 2015 Amy. This product, like the biopic, was supposed to “communicate the singer’s fragile and tender personality, her relationship with her family and the media, her fame, her addiction, her generosity and her talent.” However, it was a documentary that was very well received by critics, so much so that it earned an Oscar in its category. However, this was not appreciated by the artist’s father, Mitch Winehouse, who wanted to distance himself from the work and judged it to be untrue. Father himself gave Back to Black his blessing.

Labor controversy

Since the announcement of the film in 2018, there has been no sparing of controversy. In fact, they increased as more news and images leaked directly from the shoot. I didn’t like the choice of the main actress Marisa Abel, the fact that some scenes were filmed in Amy Winehouse’s London apartment or in the cemetery where she is buried, the fact that a large part of the film is devoted to her addictions, which are explicitly represented. Most of them, however, seem to focus on Amy Winehouse’s father, who actively participated in the creation of the biographical film and who opened a foundation in honor of his daughter that supports charitable activities at the international level, focusing on young people with economic problems or addiction problems. Neon Hitch and other friends, who have remained anonymous, simply asked to leave rest in peace Amy to show respect for her talent and personal history to avoid lewd and scandalous operations. Some fans then went further and speculated on Reddit about the relationship between the father and daughter, which judging by the songs It wasn’t the best. Which would take away a person’s right to decide what can or cannot be done based on Amy Winehouse’s story.

An open ethical question: the May-December case

What would be the solution? Never make a movie about real characters again? How can the film industry approach real lives with all their difficulties? The topic is hot and more relevant than ever. There was some talk about it recently may december, a film directed by Todd Haynes that will not arrive in Italy until next April, but has already been released in the United States. The film is loosely based on a recent news which created a sensation, the story of a teacher who seduces her thirteen-year-old student to marry him, and focuses on the relationship between the main character and the actress who is supposed to play her, and the young man’s awareness of the true nature of his relationship with his wife. Just in recent days, the protagonist of the true story said that he was disappointed and saddened by the fact that no one asked him for permission to show his story on the big screen, effectively dividing public opinion. There are those who believe the man went plugged inwho, on the other hand, are convinced that film uses story only as an inspiration to transform into a study of characters and humanity, and that film art cannot feel limited by the will of the people who inspire it, under penalty of an insincere and heartfelt product. Not everything can be news. There is some truth in both positionsand the more sensitive the source material (abuse in the case of May December, addiction in Back to Black), the more difficult it is to set aside our feelings and our sensibilities. Cinema also does this: it makes us uncomfortable. For better or for worse.

From Rocketman to Bohemian Rhapsody: biography fatigue

Not just ethical issues. On a more superficial level, it should be noted that this has happened in recent years (also to the benefit of American film awards, which seems to be true). to love especially films about iconic and problematic figures of world pop culture) real biopic rushwith mixed results. For example, some users did not particularly appreciate it Bohemian Rhapsodyhowever, which was awarded at the Oscars and is considered underappreciated by the other side Rocket Man. Elvis it falls in the middle, overshadowed by memes about Austin Butler’s accent. Other works were praised and then forgotten, such as Jitka, in 2019. In short, maybe we’re getting a little tired of seeing our recent history represented, discussing methods and casting, songs and performances. Especially when it comes to expensive and hyped and ultimately mediocre operations.

Our relationship with Amy Winehouse

Perhaps it is finally more than a question of absolute rules (impossible to save). ways. Anything can be said if it is said with respect. Respect it – and it’s just a shared feeling – the operation seems to be lacking Back to black, which also touches on a deeply felt character. Maybe because of his very obvious fragility, maybe because it’s impossible not to empathize with such an obvious talent who had such a terribly short life, maybe because we have to wait a few more years to tell this still painful story, maybe simply because Amy Winehouse she won a special place in everyone’s hearts, without the need for biopics and big productions, in the rock, shabby and typically London style that she liked so much.


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