“A river flows through it”, the fifth year of the festival


Wednesday 1 May between the Imola area and the Ravenna area Cantamaggio foresees the fifth year of the festival “The river flows in the mezzo”, a festival directed by Luisa Cottifogliwhich wants to create a close dialogue between music, art and nature in the beautiful places of the Tuscan-Romagno Apennines, down to the plains, as in this case, carried by the current of the rivers.

The Cantamaggio, a traditional itinerant collection that has since time immemorial cheered up the villages and farmyards of the Santerno Valley between Tuscany and Romagna, bringing flowers, songs, sounds and dances to the people, descends this year on Mordano and finally stops in Bagnara. in Belricetti and Passogatto (municipality of Lugo).

The Cantamaggio is an ode to the joy of a blossoming spring in the company of Maggiaioli of Valsanterno led by Giancarlo Battilani, who over the years collected melodies, texts and dances directly from older informants who had memories of them together with the deceased musician. and lyricist Mauro Grassi.

Collection takes place in four stages: at 10:00 in the Mordano Blood Donor Park (piazza Generale Vitali Borgo, 37), then at 11:15 there is a stop in Bagnara di Romagna (piazza Marconi), at 12:30 in Belricetti – Lugo (in the back of Bar-Cafè Eli) and ends at 1:30 p.m. at the cemetery of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto in Passogatto – Lugo. We thank the Municipality and Proloco of Mordano, the Municipality of Bagnara di Romagna, Tampella srl, Circolo ARCI Passogatto, Giancarlo Battilani.


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