Ult Power Sound, new Sony speakers and headphones with ultra bass

Sony announced the launch Ult Power Sound new line wireless speakers and headphones designed to make the listener feel like they are on the concert floor. Dedicated to the fans music reproduces strong, intense, lively and bass sound.

The new line consists of speakers Ult Tower 10, Ult Field 7 and Ult Field 1e from Ult Wear headphones. All devices in the assortment are wireless and equipped with a Last button which offers a superior sound experience thanks to the ability to amplify the sound by activation two different sound modes.

Ult Tower 10

This speaker turns your home into the heart of the party with powerful bass, 360° Party Sound, 360° Party Light and functions karaoke with wireless microphone included in the package. It can also be connected to your TV to amplify the sound of your favorite programs. It comes with features like:

  • Ult Power Sound, which enhances low frequencies and creates deep, vibrant bass. By pressing the Ult button, you can activate two different sound modes that emphasize the bass, one that offers an enveloping and deep sound, while the other offers an even stronger bass;
  • Optimizing the sound field which detects ambient noise and automatically adjusts sound settings to deliver crystal clear sound in all conditions;
  • party lights and sounds thanks to surround sound that reaches every corner of the room and integrated lights that follow the beat of the music;
  • Karaoke, guitar input and TV Sound Booster, with which you can sing your favorite songs, thanks to the supplied wireless microphone. Echo and Key Controls on the top panel let you adjust the sound to your preferences, while a dedicated input lets you connect a second microphone. A dedicated button then allows you to change the tone of the music tracks and adapt it to your voice. In addition, the TV Sound Booster function optimizes TV sounds to make viewing truly engaging;
  • Party Connectto which you can connect up to 100 compatible speakers to synchronize music and lights in different environments and create a real party atmosphere.


Ult Field 7

With an optimized design for transportation, the speaker can be taken anywhere and placed horizontally or vertically as needed, and is water and dust resistant.

Long battery life lets you party longer and you can even connect to a microphone to enjoy karaoke wherever you are.


Ult Field 1

It’s about spokesman portable, which allows you to have your favorite music with you at all times. Small in size but with powerful bass, it resists water, dust and shocks. In addition, it comes with long-lasting battery and a universal strap that makes it easy to carry. You can opt for the version that best suits your style and choose between black, forest grey, off-white and orange.

Ult Field 1 is designed to work in both vertical and horizontal position, to best adapt to the space, even if it is small and easy to plug in and use. In addition, it allows you to make hands-free calls in high sound quality thanks to the integrated microphone and specific technology which eliminates the echo.


Ult Wear

Thanks to strong bass and an even more effective noise cancellation system with Ult Wear headphones it’s like always feeling like you’re at your favorite festival or club. Designed for maximum performance, they are equipped with integrated processor V1as well as award-winning headphones from Sony 1000X series and a control unit created specifically for The ultimate series Thanks Dual Noise Sensor technology and integrated V1 processor, the headphones eliminate ambient noise and allow full immersion in music.

With soft ear cups and more space around the ears, this device is very comfortable to wear without compromising on power and sound quality. In addition, they can be easily folded and stored in the included case. Synonymous with design and practicality headphones offer functions designed for everyday life, such as Bluetooth which supports simultaneous connection to two devices and a sensor that pauses and resumes playback when you take the headphones off and put them back on.


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