UILFPL to ASL Romagna: “Preparation for the summer by ensuring adequate personnel”

The UILFPL Territorial Secretariats Cesena Forlì Ravenna Rimini they invite Local Health Authority of Romagna prepare for the summer by ensuring sufficient staff.

This is the press statement issued by UILFPL: “The summer season is approaching and as is well known, Romagna becomes a tourist destination for thousands of people. The increase in the number of inhabitants in our territory has always corresponded to a strong demand for health services, while the staff of the Local Health Administration of Romagna were called to deal with the increase in activities during the period characterized by the summer holidays.

It is therefore obvious that the issue of staffing and compensation represents an important pillar in the guarantee of health services and contractual institutions, as well as the psychophysical recovery of employees.

In addition, with the arrival of summer, we must be sure of the number of operators and experts involved in various corporate services, whether hospital, district or territorial.

We therefore ask the local health authority of Romagna to intervene in time, starting with the compensation of maternity leave, resignation, mobility, retirement or long-term absence that has not yet been replaced.

As UILFPL these days we are busy checking the situation at individual operational units to bring to the attention of the company management every single case of trouble.

In fact, there is often talk about managing sudden absences, but in UILFPL’s view, there is a need to have a solid foundation. If sudden absenteeism occurs in a workforce that is already insufficient, employees will be subjected to continuous and endless stress in the form of re modulating shifts, postponing rest and rescheduling or canceling scheduled vacations”.


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