The most extravagant spa in Europe is an architectural masterpiece


Stop for a moment and imagine a world where a mix of art and reality in the harmony of colors, shapes and sensations. A place where works of art come to life and become an integral part of the landscape itself, inviting us to immerse ourselves in a fairy tale universe.

This magical place exists and is located in the magical Styria, in Austria. His Spa Rogner Bad Blumau. This is no simple spa, but an inhabitable artistic masterpiece, a magical kingdom where every detail has been carefully designed to tickle the imagination and stimulate the senses.

So get ready to leave your usual routine and immerse yourself in this earthly paradise. AND a place where art comes aliveproviding a truly unforgettable show.

Bad Blumau: a masterpiece of art and relaxation in Eastern Austria

In the green heart of Styria lies a colorful and radiant treasure that shines like a diamond under the Austrian sky. The Spa Rogner Bad Blumau they represent much more than just a spa destination, they are a true work of artGesamtkunstwerk”, designed by a famous artist Friedensreich Hundertwasse.

Every detail is cared for with passion and dedication, and every element reflects a constant commitment to excellence. But more importantly, the whole structure has a green soul. Here there sustainability is a daily practice integrated into the DNA site.

At first glance, the spa attracts attention with its colorful facade Stammhaus (Mother’s house), a unique building whose philosophy is based on the connection of man, architecture and nature. PUSH golden domea typical symbol of the artist, it shines as a good omen for visitors.

A little further there Ziegelhaus (Brick house) stands on a hill, with a facade that is named after the bricks from the old farmhouses in Bad Blumau. All rooms in this property are connected to the spa by a system of underground passages, offering direct access to the relaxing heart of the complex.

PUSH Steinhaus (Stone house), however, boasts a colorful and distinctive facade. Inside, it offers 45 luxurious and spacious apartments Kunsthaus (House of Art) is a real corner of the urban style, reminiscent of the facade of the same name in Vienna.

And if Augenschlitzhaus (House half-closed eyes) a Waldhofhaus (House in the woods), with their special shape and privileged position immersed in the park, offer an oasis of peace and relaxation, the Porticoes undoubtedly stand out as one of the most original structures in all of Austria.

This area, also known as “place in place”, it is much more than a covered passage. There is one space for creativity and learning which hosts various workshops, including sewing, cooking and reading. Here, surrounded by the bright colors and sinuous shapes of Hundertwasser’s architecture, visitors can immerse themselves in activities that stimulate the mind and nourish the spirit.

Rogner Bad Blumau: a world of wonders among the thermal waters

Rogner Bad Blumau is not only a place to relax, but also a way to discover unique places, rich in charm and meaning.

One of the unmissable is “Noah’s Ark Rarity Garden”, a green oasis where more than 200 different types of plants thrive, creating a charming mosaic of colors and scents. Here, immersed among delicate roses and lush bushes, you will seem to perceive life pulsating in every corner, in every leaf, in every petal.

Then there’s “The garden of the 4 elements”, a place that celebrates the harmony between water, fire, earth and air. An area where elements complement each other to create a perfect balance that reflects our inner world.

And finally, at the heart of the spa stands a figure that charms and fascinates. and “Goddess of water”, a sculpture created by the famous artist André Heller as a gift for the visionary architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. This artwork is not only a tribute to the artist’s creativity, but also represents sanctity of water a vital element and source of healing.

Every corner of Rogner Bad Blumau has its own story, reveals secrets and offers unique experiences. It is a place where you can rediscover yourself, an authentic paradise where thermal water welcomes you in a regenerating embrace and charming places win you over.


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